3 Best Deep Cleaning House Tips That Every Homeowner Should Consider

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Sometimes even daily house cleaning won’t keep your house clean and clutter-free. If your sweet home has recently experienced some major events like flood and renovation, the cleanup is one of the most expensive yet daunting tasks. In simpler words, you need to think and invest in deep cleaning. Without deep cleaning, your house won’t be back to normal, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. 

You have two options: either conduct deep cleaning of your house on your own or hire professionals. As Covid-19 is still present and lockdown is forcing us to stay indoors, it’s better to conduct deep cleaning on your own. 

Below, we’re mentioning the best deep cleaning house tips for all the homeowners. 

End The Toilet Odour Permanently

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None of us like the toilet odor, and we keep cleaning our toilet seats once a twice a week. Nevertheless, still, we have to suffer from that nasty toilet odor because those cleaning liquids aren’t much effective. 

Is there any way of eliminating the toilet odor permanently? Yes, there is, and it has already worked superbly for many homeowners. Many people might haven’t heard about toilet siphons which are causing the toilet odor. Siphons are present at the exit point of the toilet bowl, which you actually cannot clean with your toilet cleaners. 

This is the place where the deposits are collected that further leads to bacteria and fungi. To permanently end the toilet odor, you need to mix baking soda and vinegar and let this mix sit near the siphons overnight. The next day you flush the toilet, and there will be no toilet odor for the next couple of months.  

You Also Need To Clean Your Mops, Brooms, And Dust Pans

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Every morning you pick your mops and brooms for cleaning your house and this routine is casual in every home. Have you ever thought that your mops, brooms, and dustpans also require cleaning? 

Before picking these cleaning tools for the deep cleaning task, dry blow your brooms and mops and wash them with liquid soap or washing powder. For better cleaning, you can consider using warm water and vinegar. 

Washing The Pillows Is Also Necessary

Have you ever thought of those yellow and smelly pillows lying in your living room and bedrooms? You would say you’ll put some more money and buy new cushions for your house. Fortunately, now you can clean your existing yellow pillows and keep them in brand new condition. 

Firstly, put all your pillows on your patio or terrace where natural ultraviolet rays directly hit them. This will kill the foul odor of the cushions. Next, you have to use the special washing powder available in the offline stores to clean the pillows. 

Final Words

These are the best deep house cleaning tips you’ll probably not find on the internet. Deep cleaning is possible without professional assistance; it’s just you have to put some time and effort. If deep cleaning isn’t your cup of tea, DON’T TAKE STRESS, shell out some money and hire professional cleaners. 

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