5 Best Toilet Cleaning Tips That Might Sound Weird But Are Effective

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Cleaning the toilet is the hardest part. But fortunately, there are a handful of surprising products that you can use to keep your toilet clean. And the best part is these items are not only cheap but also readily available. 

So, use these surprising ingredients and follow these toilet cleaning tips, which work really well. 

5 Best Toilet Cleaning Tips 

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White Vinegar Toilet Bowl Bath

If you need an effective but safer solution than chlorine bleach to remove the stains and germs from your toilet seat, then try out white vinegar. White vinegar toilet bowl bath is one of my personal favorite toilet cleaning tips, which worked like a charm. 

To eliminate stains of hard water, you can soak toilet paper in the vinegar solution and place it directly on the stain. Let the vinegar be properly soaked inside the seat overnight. In the morning, you can flash chat, and you will be amazed to see that the stains are gone. 

Sanitize With Hydrogen Peroxide

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Hydrogen Peroxide is quite a safe and effective fighter. So, if you wish to keep your toilet seat protected from detrimental germs, don’t forget to use this. To disinfect your toilet, your job is to put half a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the toilet bowl and let it stand for at least half an hour. Finally, flush it off and see the results. 

DIY Fizzy Toilet Bomb

Purchasing fancy bombs and fizzers to clean and deodorize your toilet is always a good option. However, it is an expensive process, and everybody cannot afford it. So, the easy and inexpensive way is to make your own Fizzy Toilet Bomb. All you require is some household products along with your favorite scented oil. 

Baby Oil Polish For Chrome

Have you ever tried polishing the Chrome fixtures using Baby Oil? If still not, try it today. This is one of the most effective but weird toilet cleaning tips. The results are so amazing. You can polish up your toilet seat handle along with faucets and showerhead using a few drops on a soft but clean cloth. After some time, apply few more drops to the toilet tank and bowl. And see the results post 3 to 4 hours. 

Nail Polish Prevents Rust

Do you desperately want your toilet seat to be rust-free? Of course, you wish the same. So, use the coating of clear nail polish over the bolts and screws. This will prevent rusting and prevent the seat from shifting around since the screws will loosen very rarely. 


Never go on the ingredients, no matter how strange sounds but try out these best toilet cleaning tips. And I can bet you will love the results a lot. Also, if you are in love with the results, don’t forget to say these useful but weird toilet cleaning tips to your loved ones.

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