House Cleaning: 9 Best Tips For Homeowners

House Cleaning: 9 Best Tips For Homeowners

Who wouldn’t agree that house cleaning is a cumbersome task? From cleaning those dirty tiles and exhaust fans to scrubbing the shower tubs, this back-breaking chore can make many homeowners frustrated. To ease your job of house cleaning, we have brought some amazing tips to help you clean your place easily and efficiently. Check them out:

1. Do It With Synthetic Soaps

Use synthetic soaps to clean your bathroom tiles, kitchen countertops, sinks, floors, and tubs. Using usually milder surfactants, these soaps are not harsh. Plus, they effectively clean the area without forming any layer of tough scum.

9 Best House Cleaning Tips For Homeowners
House Cleaning: 9 Best Tips For Homeowners

2. Use Natural Cleaners For Cleaning Tiles

Think twice before using any harsh house cleaning product on your tiles. Instead, use natural methods for cleaning those dirty tiles and grouts. If you have ceramic tiles, use hydrogen peroxide to clean the stains. You can use lemon juice to remove dullness from ceramic tiles. Use sodium bicarbonate for porcelain tiles. For bathroom glass tiles, a vinegar solution is the best natural cleaner.

3. House Cleaning For Vertically Higher Objects

Reaching and cleaning high objects is not an easy task. To clean those ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and ceiling lights, use a clean painting roller. All you have to do is to cover the roller with a clean dryer sheet and attach an extension handle to it. You can then use this roller to clean out-of-reach objects.

4. Pet Proof Your Luxury Carpets

Carpets get most of the filth from pet paws. This is why you should clean your pet’s paws frequently. Make sure to groom your furry friend from time to time. It’s wise to place rugs in the regions where they sit or roam most of the time. To handle their urine or poop stains, use you can use liquid detergent and white vinegar solution.

5. Use Vinegar For Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

Whether it’s your coffee maker or oven, they require cleaning especially if you use them often.   Reason – kitchen appliances are a hotbed for bacteria. So, to combat bacterial activities, they require cleaning. Employ white vinegar solution to ward off bacteria from the appliances. Opt for a monthly vinegar rinse.

6. Wax Paper For Cleaning Sink Fixtures

Sinks and faucets accumulate most of the bacteria. Even if you have disinfected them, they appear less-than-clean. Sink fixtures get stained quickly due to constant water splashes. So, after you have sanitized them, make sure to remove the water spots by polishing them with wax paper.

7. Use Lemon Juice For Aluminum Vessels

To make your aluminum vessels restore their shine, rinse them with lemon juice. Rinse those pans and pots with lemon juice once a month.

9 Best House Cleaning Tips For Homeowners
House Cleaning: 9 Best Tips For Homeowners

8. Ammonia/Salt For Tough Curtain Stains

Use ammonia to remove dried mucus stains from your curtains. This natural method works well for almost all fabrics. For gentle scrubbing, use salt and then wash the curtains with mild detergent.

9. Dish Detergent For Furniture

Add a pinch of mild dish detergent or liquid soap to a bowl of warm water. You can use this solution to clean your furniture.

Use these home cleaning tips for thorough and efficient cleaning of your home!

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