Domestic Cleaning Tips: 9 Ways To Be More Time-Savvy

Domestic Cleaning Tips: 9 Ways To Be More Time-Savvy

If your domestic cleaning is taking a lot of time, you are not doing it right. Cleaning, like other tasks, calls for certain skills to accomplish it in optimal time. Sure, you can clean your place without following a particular system or certain strategies, but this will produce more work for you. To help you save your precious time while cleaning your home, we have listed some effective tips. The next time you gear up for domestic cleaning, make sure to follow these time-savvy tips.

1. Follow A System

If you want to speed-clean your house, you need to follow a system or pattern. Start from the same spot every day and clean whatever comes in the way and then finish off at the same place. By following a consistent pattern, you won’t waste time moving back and forth and clean the spot you missed in the first place.

9 Domestic Cleaning Tips To Be More Time-Savvy
Domestic Cleaning Tips: 9 Ways To Be More Time-Savvy

2. Clean Every Hard Surface

Dust every hard surface in your home daily, from furniture, shelves, and hoods to floors, walls, and ceilings. It’s good to clean specific surfaces with a rag than a mop. You can use a vacuum for hard-to-reach spots. Doing this every day will prevent dust and grime accumulating inside your house, which will, in turn, allow you to devote less time to domestic cleaning.

3. De-clutter Before Cleaning

Before you kick off domestic cleaning, de-clutter your place. Walk into every room and organize the items by putting them back to where they belong. This will eventually save time by preventing you from doing both things simultaneously. We also recommend dusting before vacuuming.

4. Carry A Bucket

Keep all the cleaning products handy by placing them in a bucket and carrying the bucket with you as you clean. You can also wear an apron with multiple pockets to store the products. Reduce the stuff by using an all-purpose cleaner, multitask brush, etc.

5. Get An Extension Cord

Use an extension cord as you vacuum your entire house to save time. Instead of plugging and unplugging the equipment over and again, we recommend investing in a 50-foot cord to execute the cleaning chore in optimum time.

6. Use Squeegee For Cleaning Windows

Instead of paper towels, wipe the windows with a squeegee. Squeegees work faster and more efficiently than rags. Use a narrow squeegee for multi-pane windows. If you don’t have a squeegee at home, use a microfiber cloth. Spray a glass cleaner and then wipe it off from top to bottom using horizontal strokes.

7. Keep Mold & Mildew At Bay

Mold accumulates in unventilated bathrooms. To prevent it from developing, wipe off the bathroom floors after every shower. Switch on the bathroom fan for a few minutes after taking a bath. Try to wipe the tiles, mirrors, faucets, sink, and shower door. Use white vinegar and a clean rag to wipe the bathroom faucets. For stainless-steel sinks, wipe them with mineral oil once a week.

9 Domestic Cleaning Tips To Be More Time-Savvy
Domestic Cleaning Tips: 9 Ways To Be More Time-Savvy

8. Create Domestic Cleaning Checklist

Grab pen and paper and write down the list of things you need to clean every day, weekly, and monthly. Also, follow the same sequence every time you carry out cleaning. Make a habit of cleaning the majority of your house every day to save time on weekend/monthly cleaning.

9. Set A Timer

Set a certain amount of time for cleaning. Then divide this time into chunks for specific tasks. For instance, if you have set two hours for cleaning your home, you can reserve 10 minutes for de-cluttering, 15 minutes on dusting, and so on. Try to complete the job within the specified time and also pick the same time to clean your place every day.

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