Bathtub Cleaning Tips – Get the Best Results With These Cleaning Tips

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Bathtub cleaning is easy when you have the right tools. Use these bathtub cleaning tips to safely clean your bathtub. First, fill up a bucket full of warm water, add baking soda, a half-gallon of water, a quarter cup of dish detergent, a few sponges, and a rubber glove. Fill up your bucket with a quart of hot water, a half-liter of water, and four tablespoons of dish detergent. Dip a stiff scrub brush or a sponge into the bucket and scrub all bathtub areas.

Next, fill the tub up with cold water. Then, using a washcloth, gently rinse all the soap from the inside of the bathtub. You can also use a sponge dipped into hot soapy water. You will need to do this in stages, rinsing the tub down thoroughly after each stage. Next, use a wet towel to wipe down both sides of the bathtub basin and then, rinse with warm water. Finally, fill the bathtub back up with water and let it sit for a few minutes.

Rinse the bathtub thoroughly by draining the soapy water. Add one cup of bleach and a half a gallon of water to the tub’s warm water. Use a soft brush, toothbrush, or electric scrubber to scrub the tub thoroughly. Do not use hard bristled scrubbers as they may scratch the tub walls. It is best to work from side to side, scrubbing the tub from top to bottom.

Brush out any grime left behind from cleaning the bathtub. If you have a shower curtain, use it to scrub the bathtub. Using the same brush that you used to wash the rest of the bathroom, carefully scrub the bathtub until it looks and feels clean. Then, add another cup of bleach and spray it on the bathtub seat frame. Let it sit for five minutes.

Rinse the bathtub thoroughly to remove all soap residues and then cover it with clean towels. Let the soapy water sit for another five minutes. After which, rinse the bathtub completely to get rid of all soap residuals and the last thing you want to do is get a stain. Fill the tub back up with warm, clean water and let it dry.

Follow these steps for each of the bathtubs in your home, remembering to do them in order. As you go, you will find that cleaning your bathtub is easier than you ever thought possible. A common question many new homeowners have is whether they should use chemicals or simply clean it the “old fashioned” way. While both methods have their benefits, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. For instance, chemical cleaners may be safer, but they can also be more expensive. If you don’t want to spend money on something as important as a tub, consider doing it the old fashioned way.

Another tip that has stood the test of time is rinsing the bathtub after cleaning. You can either use hot or cold water to wash your bathtub, but either method should work. The water should be running when you do this to ensure that everything gets cleansed. It is also important not to use anything abrasive on your tub when you do this.

Following these simple tips will make cleaning your tub a breeze and it will also help in keeping your bathtub looking great. Now that you have a tub that is ready to take on the family, start cleaning it so that you can enjoy all the benefits of a relaxing soak whenever you want one. Just be sure to take care of it regularly by following the simple cleaning tips above and you will have years of use out of it before you ever have to worry about it.

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