Best Household Cleaning Tips – How to Get Started on a Green Home Cleaning Program

best household cleaning tips

Looking for some great household cleaning ideas? There are thousands of them available, but here are a couple of great tips you can try out right away to give your home a makeover without spending too much time and money on professional cleaning services. If you really put your mind to it, you can create a makeover that will be less expensive and more enjoyable than what you’d expect. Here are a couple of ideas for making your life easier at home.

One of the best household cleaning tips around is to combine a cup of hot water with a tablespoon or two of white vinegar and heat it up on the stove over low heat for about five minutes. The boiling liquid will produce a vapor which coats the food particles in the hot water, making it easier to clean off. Do this every time you wash the dishwasher or sink, and you’ll find that dishes are cleaner for longer. The vinegar will also get out the stubborn stains on fabrics.

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Cleaning Tips

Another one of the best household cleaning tips around is that of using small objects as a means of cleaning. For example, you can use items such as a baby bottle or an old shopping bag to pull apart newspaper and scrub the stains out of appliances. You can also use these same hacks to clean windows and furniture.

In addition to using bottles and containers to pull out spills, one of the best household cleaning tips involves the use of plastic containers and the vertical blinds. You’ll need a few to clean different areas in your house, and you can even use a few different sizes of blinds to dust and vacuum from different directions. The trick is to keep dust from spreading or building up as quickly. By using the blinds to pull out dirt and dust, you’ll prevent your house from smelling like a garage floor.

Best Household Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips

Using lemon juice is one of the best household cleaning tips out there. All you have to do is take some lemon juice and spray it into any nook and cranny that need to be cleaned. Leave it overnight, and you’ll find that everything from the stove to the ceiling to the wall has been scrubbed clean with lemon juice. For a complete and spotless home, try sprinkling some salt over the surfaces that need to be scrubbed. Salt will give you a little extra push for getting things done, and will leave your floors, countertops, and appliances looking just as good as they did the day you began. If you’re looking for an all-purpose cleaner that won’t leave a greasy film on your surfaces, consider sprinkling baby powder on it before you scrub.

A few other household cleaning tips include using toilet paper that has been soaked in vinegar, switching to an all natural laundry detergent, and using a sponge mop instead of a cloth mop to clean your floors. If you want to go green, you can replace your shampoo and laundry detergent by using green products, such as vinegar based cleaners. Another great trick is to make your own cleaning supplies, which will save you money and are easy to get together.

Some of the best household cleaning tips are ones that are simple and require only basic tools. These include using some baking soda to keep your grout clean, adding some baking soda to dishwasher water, and rinsing laundry with water from the tap. When you go green, these are some of the things that you can do on your own, without having to spend money on expensive cleaning supplies. If you have kids, make sure you keep a bottle of vinegar around for when they spill something that’s not supposed to be.

Bottom Line

If you want to go green, these are some of the best household cleaning tips you can follow. First, use an all natural cleaning product that is made from vinegar. Second, use vinegar to clean your kitchen countertops, and then vinegar to wash your vertical blinds. Last, replace your shampoo and laundry detergent with green products, and be sure to replace some of your kitchen towels with organic cotton ones. With a little bit of effort, you’ll end up with a clean and green home that looks great.

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