Best Washroom Cleaning Supplies

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Proper washroom cleaning supplies help to make your daily cleaning routine easy and efficient, while it also ensures a hygienic environment for the users. You can easily clean up all types of washrooms with its perfect combination of floor cleaning chemicals such as detergents, disinfectants, and deodorizer; glass cleaners; toilet bowl cleaners; drain openers; bathroom tub/shower care products; toilet scrubbers, and more.

Here we have listed some important and popular brands in the market that offer a wide variety of quality washroom cleaning supplies:

Bissell (floor cleaners)

It specializes in various types of hard surface flooring including ceramic tile, vinyl composition tile CT), resilient sheet vinyl, laminate, and hardwood. It also offers carpet cleaning products including vacuum cleaners, shampooers, stain removers, and rug shampooing kits.

Pure Shine (floor cleaners)

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This brand has a wide range of floor care products which includes grout cleaner, natural stone cleaner, tile & grout scrubber tool, ceramic & porcelain tile cleaner, etc.

Prochem (restroom chemicals)

It provides quality restroom chemicals such as urinal screen cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner with bleach powder/liquid concentrate spray bottle dispenser, etc. You can find this brand in many hardware stores or home improvement stores around you.

Clorox clean up (toilet cleaners)

it cleans up all types of washrooms on regular basis. Available in both powder and liquid form, Clorox clean-up offers a complete line of disinfectants which includes toilet bowl cleaner, solid surface cleaner, and shower cleaner, etc.

Janice (toilet cleaners)

It offers a wide range of quality cleaning products such as tile and grout cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner spray bottles, and a toilet brush to keep washrooms germ-free.

Tilex (disinfectants)

It is a brand well known for its cleanser sprays that help to remove stains from ceramic tiles surfaces quickly without scrubbing. Its surface cleaners are formulated especially for sealed hard surfaces like porcelain tubs & showers with bleach formula that prevents bacterial growth on these surfaces. Along with this, it also offers tile grout cleaner, shower & tub cleaner, bathroom hard surface cleaner, etc.

Amenity catalog (floor cleaners)

This brand has a wide range of quality floor cleaning products including multi-purpose floor care kit, toilet bowl brush & holder, triple action heavy-duty tile scrubber tool for scrubbing ceramic floors, etc.

Lime-a-way (restroom equipment)

It is one of the leading brands offering restroom supplies such as urinal screen cleaners with foaming action to help stop odor-causing bacteria from growing on these surfaces and non-toxic sanitizers that kill 99% of germs by maintaining the proper level of free residual chlorine in a water tank.

It is available in many hardware stores or home improvement stores around you.

Zep (floor cleaners)

It is a well-known brand for its high-quality floor cleaning products such as heavy-duty degreaser, vinyl, and tile cleaner, etc.

Citra-shine of Cargille Labs (disinfectants)

This brand offers environmentally friendly disinfectants that are effective against TB virus & HIV-1 with a complete microbial spectrum of all pathogenic bacteria fungi, mold spores, etc.

You can find this brand in many hardware stores or home improvement stores around you.

With so many brands offering a wide range of washroom cleaning supplies to ensure a hygienic environment for the users, it has become quite easy to maintain clean washrooms on regular basis without spending too much time and money.

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