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To clean your home up to the best level, the most time-saving and money-saving way is to hire a maid to complete the task for you. However, not everyone can pay for this service. Here are some ways how to clean the house quickly.

Cleaning the windows

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Take out Windows Wipes and use them to wipe all windows in your house. The best way is to do it when the sun shines into your home because then you can see if there are any dust spots at once without climbing onto chairs or tables. If you do not clean the windows in time, they will gather dust and dirt, making it necessary to clean them more frequently.

Cleaning the floor

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The best way to clean your floors is by mopping them as you can finish the job in a short period. Get out a mop and fill up a bucket with lukewarm water mixed with vinegar, and start mopping. After you finish mopping, get out a dry mop and let it absorb all the moisture in the room to prevent water spots from showing up.

Cleaning your carpets

If you want to clean your carpets without renting a vacuum cleaner at large monthly fees, here is what you can do: Take down all the moveable furniture and move it out of the room. Take a brush and scrub all parts of the carpet. Get out an upholstery tool and vacuum every part of your carpet until it is completely free from dust, dirt, or any other particles that you can see with your eyes.

Cleaning the stovetop

Take a moist cloth and cover it in dish soap. While you are waiting for the water to boil, scrub all sides of your stovetop with this cloth until it is free from grease and reminds you of a brand-new one.

Cleaning the fridge

Take out one lemon and cut it into small wedges. Place them in a bowl and fill up the bowl with fresh water. Put the bowl in your refrigerator and let it stay there for a couple of hours. Afterward, take out a sponge and rinse down all parts of your fridge with this bowl of lemon water to make everything smell nice.

Cleaning the drain

To clean up your drain as quickly as possible, take out a bottle of hair remover from your bathroom and pour it into the drain. After half an hour, take a plunger and plunge the drain so that all the dirt is gathered together at once.

Cleaning a garbage disposal

If you do not clean the garbage disposal regularly, every time you switch on this appliance, it will be as if you are dumping food waste into your sink. If the garbage disposal is not cleaned regularly, it will gather a lot of grime and disintegrate quickly. To clean up garbage disposal as quickly as possible, turn on the water supply that goes to your disposal and fill up the drain with lemon peels and ice cubes. Let it stay there for about 15 minutes, while you go and do some other activity. Afterward, take out the drain stopper and let the water flow freely.

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