Clean Your Window Hassle-Free With This Multi-Function Spray! Check The Amazing Stuff We Have for You

Do you also feel cleaning windows and doors are hectic? Are you searching for some product to make your cleaning routine easy? Then you need a Multi-Function Spray Type Window Cleaner. Pollution and grime when accumulated over time obstruct the view and block sunlight. And it’s very common even after a full day of cleaning Thick streaks left behind. The stubborn strain is hard to remove and the strain in hands after long day use is another challenge.

So does it mean you have to stay in with dirty windows? No, not at all. Multi-Function Spray Type Window Cleaner is a smart solution to all your window cleaning problems. It scientifically built an eco-friendly solution to all kinds of window dirt. Read further to know about its other benefits.

Multi-Function Spray Type Window Cleaner

It has a cleaning brush attachment to remove the dust from the window surface and simultaneously a built-in spray bottle will wet the window effortlessly. It has a multi-utility feature as you can use this cleaner to clean kitchen bathroom cleaning, car cleaning & maintenance, exterior wall tile cleaning, and screen stain scrapping. Multi-Function Spray has a soft material rugged wiper which makes it durable and long-lasting. 

The holder has a thick and adjustable aluminium rod. Your hands don’t have to suffer from a hand grip that fits your hands comfortably. So even if you have to hold it for hours it is not tiring. A height of 114.6 cm is appropriate to clean windows of all kinds. The soft eco-friendly material does not pollute the earth and the grade of material is safe for glass. It is very lightweight with just 660 grams. Make your cleaning routine easier never like before with eco-friendly Multi-Function Spray Type Window Cleaner


  • Brand Name: GUANYAO
  • Style: Hand
  • Usage: Window
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 660G


  • It saves time.
  • The cleaner allows you to clean and wet the window together at a time.
  • It is rustproof 
  • The cleaner is made from rug and aluminium rod which makes it long-lasting
  • It is comfortable to use
  • With this cleaner, scraping is a lot easier in stubborn stains
  • You will get 3 pieces of item together
  • Completely safe for Glass cleaning


  • There is no extra fibre cloth in case of wear and tear of an old one
  • The cleaner is not suitable for floor cleaning


Window cleaning is no more challenging task with this amazing Multi-Function Spray Type Window Cleaner. It is manufactured in such a way that helps to get a job done more effectively in a shorter time. On top of that, it is an eco-friendly product.

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