Cleaning Home With Bleach Cleaner

Cleaning Home With Bleach Cleaner

Ask your grandmother which domestic cleaning product she employed during her time and the answer would certainly be a bleach cleaner! Bleach, a powerful house cleaning essential, eliminates germs and odors and also brightens dull surfaces. It can be used anywhere – from hall and kitchen to bathroom and garden. Here’s how you can do house cleaning with bleach.

Cleaning Bathroom With Bleach Cleaner

No matter whether you have a dirty toilet or shower curtains, bleach can be employed to deep-clean almost all bathroom essentials.

Cleaning Home With Bleach Cleaner
Cleaning Home With Bleach Cleaner
  • Cleaning Toilet: Mix 1 tbsp of regular bleach with 2 liters of warm water. Spray this mixture in the toilet and wash it after 10 minutes.
  • Cleaning Tiles & Grout: Clean those dirty tiles and grout with 1:1 bleach-hot water combo, then let the solution sit on the tiles for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.
  • Cleaning Shower Curtains & Rugs: Toss your mildewed curtains in the washer with 2 cups of bleach and detergent. Use the same solution to clean rugs in the end.
  • Cleaning Trash Cans: Sprinkle some bleach powder on the trash can and wash it with warm water.

Cleaning Kitchen With Bleach Cleaner

If you think bleach is just for bathroom and laundry, you are wrong. Use it to disinfectant your dirty sinks, countertops, stainless steel appliances, refrigerator, glassware, floors, and tiles. You can also use it on every non-porous surface.

  • Cleaning Kitchen Items: Mix a half cup of powder with 2-3 liters of warm water. Spray it on dirty kitchen items to disinfect and deodorize them.
  • Cleaning Plastic Garbage Cans: A garbage can will require a stronger bleach solution. To clean it, use a half cup of power and a liter of water.

Cleaning Garden With Bleach Cleaner

Use bleach powder to clean your stained pots and planters. Soak your pots in a mild bleach solution for 10 minutes. Follow it with a warm water rinse. Disinfecting them this way will also keep the transfer of diseases in check. You can also keep recently cut flowers alive for longer with bleach. Dip the flowers in bleach and cold water solution to keep them smelling fresh for longer.

Cleaning Home With Bleach Cleaner
Cleaning Home With Bleach Cleaner

Using Bleach For General Disinfection

You can use a bleach-warm water mixture to clean pet dishes, patio furniture, kid’s toys, linens, etc. You can use it to ward off mold and mildew stains and fungus that has accumulated on any hard surface. Create a mild solution with half cup bleach power and a gallon of water. Use it to sanitize your dirty household items.

Safety Precautions While Using Bleach

No doubt, bleach is an effective domestic cleaner; you need to keep certain things in mind while using it.

  • Never mix bleach with any other cleaner, including vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and ammonia.
  • Keep children and pets away while doing home cleaning with bleach.
  • Wear eye protection and rubber gloves for safety.
  • Do not pour the powder directly on a hard surface as it may damage it.
  • Keep windows open or switch on the exhaust fan while using bleach.
  • Wash your hands twice after doing the cleaning.
  • Keep bleach power or solution away from cooking items.
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