Different Types of Dental Cleaning Tools

dental cleaning tools

Dental cleaning is not as easy as just brushing your teeth and gums. The dental hygienists and other professionals who practice in a dental clinic will utilize specialized dental tools to clean your teeth and polish your smile. The dental professionals will often use dental tools in conjunction with their brushing techniques.

First, they will use an instrument called a dental hand piece or a dental clamp. They will grab one of these tools with their hand and will grasp it at the base of a tooth. With the force from their grip, they will rotate the tool, moving it to the center of the tooth and then the root. This action will try to dislodge any tartar or plaque that might be building up on your teeth and gums. Some dental hand pieces and clamps are circular while others are pointed.

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Next, some of these professionals will move onto using an oral irrigator to flush out your mouth of the plaque and tartar build-up. Oral irrigators can be mechanical or hydraulic. Mechanical oral irrigators work by spraying water through a tube into your mouth and removing the accumulated plaque and tartar.

Next, the dental hygienist and other professionals will use their dental scrubs and brushes to clean your teeth and gums. They will either use an oral irrigator or a soft bristled brush to remove the plaque and food particles from your mouth. Some dental scrubs have special compartments that are designed to remove plaque from your teeth and gums. Some of the plaque scrapers will scrape the plaque away with small scrapers and then the debris will be flushed out of the mouth. The dental scrubs will work well if you just have a light buildup of plaque.

Most dental professionals will recommend that you purchase a plaque scraper to remove the extra build-up of plaque. The plaque scrapers are made out of stainless steel and they come in several different sizes. They are very inexpensive and the proper use of one is not likely to result in any injury to your gums or teeth. It will help you to see immediate results and this is something that many people are looking for when they consider an alternative to the expensive visits to the dentist.

Most dentists will recommend that you purchase a soft bristled toothbrush for cleaning your teeth and if you have tartar or buildup of plaque then you should purchase a metal toothbrush. Using metal plaque scrapers will help you to eliminate the excess build-up of tartar and prevent it from building up in your gums and teeth. Again, there are several plaques scrapers that you can purchase but the two main styles are the hydraulic and mechanical.

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If you find that you have a dental phobia, then you are likely to want to use the soft bristled toothbrush when brushing your teeth so that you don’t end up making too much contact with the gum tissue. This tissue is made up of a tough substance and is what makes our teeth beautiful. If you use the improper use of the plaque scrapers then you will only be removing the small particles of tartar but not the layers of bacteria and other organisms that exist below the gum tissue. This is not only bad for the growth of the disease, but it can also cause irritation to the gums and cause new gum tissue to grow in a place that it was not supposed to.

You also have another option when it comes to dental cleaning tools. In fact, you may already own a mouthpiece that you can use. A porcelain or resin based mouthpiece works in conjunction with dental cleaning brushes. You simply apply the mouthpiece to your mouth and allow it to do the work. Then you can brush your teeth properly without having to worry about touching the hard to reach areas with the traditional brushes. These mouthpieces come in various sizes so you will likely be able to find one that fits your mouth quite well.

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