DIY Cleaning Of A Fabric Sofa: Step-By-Step Guide

DIY Cleaning Of A Fabric Sofa: Step-By-Step Guide

No matter how hard you try to keep your fabric sofas clean, they tend to get dirty. Over time, dirt, messy spills, food crumbs, pet hair, etc. make your luxurious and cozy sofa set look dingy. As you won’t like to lounge on an untidy couch, it’s essential to clean it once a while to restore its look and feel. Well, you don’t have to hire an expert to get your fabric sofa cleaned necessarily. Our DIY sofa cleaning guide will help you clean your sturdy pieces of furniture without any ado.

Pre-Cleaning The Fabric Sofa

Before deep-cleaning your luxury sofa, you need to prep it. For that, vacuum the sofa to eliminate large particles or debris. Make sure to vacuum every corner, base of the sofa, and crevices. If you find cake residue on the sofa surface, remove it with the help of a bristle brush. Pet hair or lint can be eliminated using a lint roller.

DIY Cleaning Of A Fabric Sofa - Step By Step Guide!
DIY Cleaning Of A Fabric Sofa: Step-By-Step Guide

Cleaning A Stained Fabric Sofa

If a spill has occurred on your couch, follow these cleaning steps to evict the stain.

  • Clean the spill instantly. The longer you wait for tackling a stain, the harder it will be to treat it.
  • Check the manufacture’s tag on your couch to determine which cleaning method/products are safe to use on it. Generally, the tags you will find on a sofa are ‘S’ – only use solvents; ‘W’ – only water-based cleaners and ‘WS’ – either solvent or water-based cleaner. Some sofas also have ‘O’ and ‘X’ written on tags, which means they should be cleaned with cold water and vacuum machine, respectively.
  • If you have already wiped or vacuumed the sofa, skip this step.
  • Use baking soda to further loose stains. You can sprinkle soda directly or make a paste with water and apply it in on the stained region. No matter which method you choose, leave the baking soda for at least 20 minutes. Once the stained has been absorbed, vacuum it.
  • Use an appropriate sofa cleaner according to your sofa fabric. Spot-test the cleaner by applying it on a small portion of the fabric. Let it sit for some time and then check the sofa. If you don’t discover discoloration, proceed by cleaning the entire couch.
  • Pat a soft towel on the sofa and then leave it to dry naturally.
DIY Cleaning Of A Fabric Sofa - Step By Step Guide!
DIY Cleaning Of A Fabric Sofa: Step-By-Step Guide

Steam Cleaning The Fabric Sofa

  • Before you decide to use an upholstery steam cleaner, read the manufacturer’s recommendations to determine whether or not it is safe to use on your fabric sofa. Generally, if your sofa has a ‘W’ or ‘WS’ tag, it is safe to steam clean your furniture.
  • Read the user manual of the steamer and follow the instructions as given.
  • Before proceeding, vacuum your sofa first.
  • Open the windows or turn on the fan in the room.
  • Steam clean the sofa as per the instructions given on the manual. It is advisable first to do a spot-test.
  • Let your sofa to air dry.

Follow this DIY sofa cleaning guide before you decide to get back on your couch and enjoy your cozy time alone or with dear ones.

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