DIY Leather Cleaner + Cleaning Tips

DIY Leather Cleaner + Cleaning Tips

Leather furniture is like an investment. Although it will pay you off by increasing your home’s aesthetic value, you need to ensure it stays in a top-notch condition. Yes! Leather requires extra care and pampering. You must clean your leather furniture from time to time to avoid dirt buildup and also tackle stains as soon as spills happen. In this article, we have given easy cleaner recipes that are pretty good and effective. Have a look:

DIY Leather Cleaner Recipe #1

Tartar- Lime Cream

DIY Leather Cleaner + Cleaning Tips
DIY Leather Cleaner + Cleaning Tips

Mix equal parts of tartar cream and fresh lime juice. Stir the ingredients to make a paste. Use this paste on the problematic area. Now wait for some time and then remove the paste with a moist cloth. You can repeat this step until the stain diminishes.

DIY Leather Cleaner Recipe #2

Olive Oil-Vinegar Spray

Take 1/2 cup of vinegar and mix it with 1/4 of extra virgin olive oil. Transfer this olive oil-vinegar mixture into a spray bottle. Apply this solution on the stained region and then wipe with clean linen. You can add 2-3 drops of peppermint or rosemary oil to make your furniture smelling great. This olive oil-vinegar spray will also act as a great leather polish.

DIY Leather Cleaner Recipe #3

Baby Soap Spray

This recipe will act both as a cleaner and a conditioner. Mix a few drops of baby soap with some warm water. Use this spray to make your leather furniture look squeaky clean. The spray will also prevent new stains, provided you tackle the spills immediately.

DIY Leather Cleaner Recipe #4

Rubbing Alcohol Spray

Rubbing alcohol works perfectly on ink stains. You can either apply rubbing alcohol directly on the stain or prepare a rubbing alcohol solution by mixing it with water. Once the stain fades away, wipe the area with a moist cloth.

DIY Leather Cleaner + Cleaning Tips
DIY Leather Cleaner + Cleaning Tips

Leather Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

1) Vacuum your leather upholstery regularly. Alternatively, you can opt for moist cleaning to remove loose dirt particles.

2) Keep pets away from furniture to prevent scratches and urine or poop stains.

3) When spills occur, handle them without wasting time.

4) Use beeswax or coconut oil to ward off minor scratches and to restore the luster of your furniture.

5) Do not abrasive leather cleaner on your luxury leather goods. Products containing ammonia should be avoided to prevent permanent damage.

6) If your leather furniture is giving bad smell, sprinkle a pinch of baking soda before using the cleaning solution.

7) Spray the leather cleaner or oil generously before massaging it on the stain using a clean cloth. You can also employ a soft toothbrush for scrubbing. The last step will require cleaning the cleaner/oil with a dry paper towel.

8) Always vacuum the leather furniture before tackling the stains.

9) Read the manufacturer’s directions given on the commercial cleaner before using it. It’s good to do a spot test to check for discoloration.

10) Keep your leather upholstery away from sunlight.

11) You can use non-gel toothpaste to remove normal stains.

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