DIY Window Cleaning: Method And Cleaning Tips

DIY Window Cleaning: Method And Cleaning Tips

While window cleaning must be done once a month, many homeowners prefer it doing annually. Some simply wipe their windows with newspaper or paper towels. No doubt that cleaning windows is a cumbersome task, you need to do it periodically to keep them looking their best. Moreover, you should employ the right cleaning method instead of just rubbing your windows. This article is all about DIY window cleaning that will let help you clean them like a pro.

Window Cleaning Step #1

Scrub the glass with a warm dishwashing liquid solution. Scrub gently covering every square inch. Scrubbing will remove all the dirt and spots from the glass.

DIY Window Cleaning: Method & Cleaning Tips
DIY Window Cleaning: Method And Cleaning Tips

Step #2

Wipe the glass with a squeegee. You can either horizontal or vertical strokes as per your convenience. Wipe the squeegee blade with a clean linen rag or napkin after every stroke.  Once you have worked down the window, begin again and overlap the previous strokes.

Step #3

Follow the second step by wiping off any remaining water or suds. Use a clean rag to clean the edges of the windows. Continue to wipe until the window is completely dry.

Step #4

Use a narrow squeegee to clean multi panes or a divided-light window. You can also trim down your regular squeegee using a hacksaw and utility knife. First, scrub your panes with a small sponge. Use the same soap mixture for this purpose. Now wipe the narrow squeegee down every pane from top to bottom. Usually, a single stroke is sufficient to clean each pane of a divided-light window. Complete the cleaning process by wiping the pane with a clean rug.

DIY Window Cleaning: Method & Cleaning Tips
DIY Window Cleaning: Method And Cleaning Tips

Window Cleaning Tips And Precautions

  • Remove bug droppings from windows by using a white scrub pad made from nylon. Gently rub the pad to avoid scratching the glass.
  • Remove paint specks with the help of a razor blade holder. This method works perfectly on an untempered glass. Rinse the blade after covering each section. Make sure to use a new blade every time.
  • Use an acidic cleaner for evicting built-up mineral deposits. You can use powerful acids like sulfuric or phosphoric acids or a mild one like white vinegar. A mixture of salt and water will also work fine to remove the mineral buildup.
  • To remove greasy dirt, add some ammonia in your cleaners.
  • Always keep coasters under your drinking glasses.
  • Attach a filer to the water system to remove minerals present in the water.
  • Apply a wax coat to your giant windows or glass doors once after six months.
  • Make an effective DIY window cleaner with vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water. Store it in a spray bottle and label the bottle. Don’t forget to store the cleaner away from the kitchen.
  • Prefer newspapers over rags or paper towels while doing the cleaning.
  • Read labels on the commercial window cleaners before using them. It is good to use a DIY window cleaner than an over-the-counter product.

Follow these window cleaning methods and tips to keep your windows squeaky clean!

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