Glass Cleaning: Methods And Tips

Glass Cleaning: Methods And Tips

Just like many other household cleaning jobs, cleaning glass is a pretty tedious task. From repetitive spraying and careful scrubbing to all that wiping, the process of cleaning glasses is really a back-breaking chore. However, with the right cleaning method and some hacks, you can make your glass crystal-clear without putting much effort. To help you execute hassle-free and effective glass cleaning, we are presenting a guide. Make sure to read and follow it to clean your glass windows, auto glass, mirrors, glass tiles, and more.

Cleaning Glass Windows And Tiles

Lay a clean towel or cloth on the windowsill to prevent it from getting wet. Start by spraying a dishwashing liquid solution or readymade cleaner on the window. The best is to use the Sprayway glass cleaner. Scrub the window or tile with a sponge covering every square inch. Follow this with wiping with the help of a squeegee. Make sure to wipe the squeegee with a clean towel after every vertical or horizontal stroke. Do a final wiping with a clean rag. For a paned window, you must employ a narrow squeegee.

Cleaning Glass - Cleaning Methods & Tips
Glass Cleaning: Methods And Tips

Cleaning Glass Mirrors

To clean your glass mirrors, spray some rubbing alcohol on the mirror and scrub with a clean cotton pad or sponge. Prepare a vinegar solution with water and spray a layer on the mirror. Now, take a clean rag and place it on the top left corner. Start sliding it and move to the right of the mirror and then slide it to the left at a downward angle. Continue sliding the rag until you cover the entire mirror.

Cleaning Car Windows

The easiest way to clean windows of your cars is by using a damp microfiber towel. If you are using a regular cloth, you will need a good cleaning solution like Sprayway cleaner. To clean the windshield, lift the wipers. Start the cleaning process by spraying the glass cleaner on the right side. Now take a microfiber rag and began to wipe the windshield vertically moving from the top and working downward. Spray more glass cleaner and wipe another line parallel to the previous one. Continue wiping till you have covered half of the windshield. Follow this with straight horizontal wipes. Once you are done with the right side, clean the left one using the same procedure. The final step will be buffing your windshield using circular motions.

Glass Cleaning: Methods And Tips

Cleaning Oven Glass

Begin oven glass cleaning by wiping it with a dry towel to eliminate dirt and other loose debris. Next, scrub the glass with a spreadable baking soda paste (soda + water). Apply the paste and leave it on the glass for 14-15 minutes. Now, using a clean sponge or old cloth, scrub the glass. Take another fresh cloth, wet it in clean water, and rinse the glass. Continue rinsing until the oven glass has completely got rid of stains. To eliminate grease, use a razor or plastic spatula. 

Tips And Tricks

  • Clean the glass from top to bottom. It is advisable to use a squeegee for effortless cleaning.
  • Clean the residue from the corners of a glass window or frame with the help of cotton swabs.
  • If you have windows will wooden windowsills, place an old tee on the windowsill so that it won’t get wet during the cleaning process.
  • Use a good cleaner like Sprayway glass cleaner or homemade cleaner recipe with rubbing alcohol and dilute white vinegar.
  • Do glass cleaning on a cloudy day to prevent prematurely drying of the glass by the sunrays.
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