Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips You Might Want To Learn About

hardwood floor cleaning tips

Houses made of hardwood are preferred in western countries such as Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, etc. Using hardwood is advantageous as it acts as an insulator and keeps the temperature of the house stable with that of the environment. Hardwood is resistant to natural calamities such as earthquakes. Being a renewable and natural resource, it is easy to obtain and does not degrade the environment. Hardwood is light in weight yet sturdy. Some of the most durable hardwood floorings include parquet flooring, oak flooring, bamboo flooring, walnut flooring, ebony flooring, and substantially more. But living in hardwood floored houses requires the people to clean and maintain its texture and quality.

Cleaning Tips For Hardwood Floors

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The wooden flooring of the houses is one of the most appealing features of the residence. Keeping the floors clean by sweeping and mopping every day using wood cleaner solutions helps to increase the appearance of the hardwood. Microfiber mops that are reusable can be friendly. It serves as a good method to remove the dust, dirt, pet hairs and other wanted and undesirable debris. It also helps to maintain the shiny and sparkling surface of the wooden floor. After cleaning the floor with water or a floor cleaner, it must be ensured that the floor is properly dried and dehydrated to avoid the rotting of hardwood. Because people are busy with meetings, deadlines, presentations, etc, cleaning hardwood floors everyday is not possible for them. Hence it is advisable to clean the hardwood floors once a week. Using a sponge mop with warm water and floor cleanser helps in cleaning the floors.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips – Feasible Homemade Options to Clean the Wooden Floors

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A homemade solution prepared by mixing two tea bags with warm water is helpful to maintain the sheen of the flooring. The tannic from the tea absorbs the dirt and gives a polished look to the wooden floors. People should avoid the usage of oils and waxes on the floors as it may deteriorate the wooden flooring. Soap solutions and vinegar damage the formaldehyde and polyurethane of the hardwood floors. Nongel kinds of toothpaste are rubbed on the water strains on the wooden surface. A solution of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is used to remove dirt debris and sticky stains. Applying baking soda with bristle and soft toothbrush on the patch removes the dirty material.

Regular Cleaning Is Essential

Care should be taken to keep the hardwood floors cleaned and polished on a regular basis. This can be ensured by not walking on the floor with the shoes on. In case of spill of a coffee or tea on the wooden floors, people must clean it immediately with a hand scrub or a wet cloth. While moving any piece of furniture, people must pay attention that the hardwood floor is not being damaged by a scratch or scrape. The creation of electric brooms has made it easy to pull out all the dirt and soot material from the hardwood floors and floored carpets. Cleaning floors with vacuum cleaners thrice a week also helps to maintain the standard quality of the woodblocks.


People must clean the hardwood floors at least twice or thrice a week to maintain its texture, appearance, and surface. A standard method that is certified should be used to clean the wooden surfaces. Any improper method may lead to the detrimentation of the hardwood floors.

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