Hearing Aids Cleaning Tools – How To Maintain The Equipment

hearing aids cleaning tools

Hearing Aids are more than just a purchase, they are a rather very significant investment. Taking good care of them and keeping them clean and lengthen their life and prevent them from unnecessary maintenance charges. TO keep hearing aids clean, it very important to know the proper techniques and also having the proper hearing aids cleaning tools. Establishing good habits, cleaning your device at the end of the day, and avoiding using the hearing aid in extreme cold or hot conditions are some practices that can help your hearing aid last longer. Here are some tools that you should most certainly have to keep your hearing aids clean. 

Hearing Aids Cleaning Tools – Cleaning Brush 

Soft bristle brushes are essential for hearing aids. They help to remove dirt, dust, flakes, and other particles that naturally settle on the outside of the housing. Mostly, all hearing aid cleaning accessories/kits have cleaning brushes. You can also use the bristles of the brush to enter the holes in the hearing aid. Remember to clean the hearing aid by removing particles outward rather than inward. You can also use the tip of some brushes as a wax pick. 

Hearing Aids Cleaning Tools – Ventilation Cleaner 

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The vent cleaner is used to remove moisture and wax from the vents of most ITE (In-Ear) models. Exhaust cleaners are similar to duct cleaners, but they are shorter and more flexible. It is a very practical wave-shaped device that helps you floss under the braces. If you want to use a vent cleaner to clean your hearing aid, gently slide the cleaner through the vent until you see it coming out of the other side.

Hearing Aids Cleaning Tools – Wax Filter 

The wax filter is located on the receiver side of the hearing aid. They need to be replaced every two months. Do not use wax sticks or exhaust cleaners in or around the wax guard. Since there is a filter, these tools are not needed. Wax protectants are commonly used in BTE (behind the ear) and RIC (receiver in the canal) models. 

Hearing Aids Cleaning Tools – Multi-tool 

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Multitools function in numerous components, consisting of wax picks, brushes, and vent cleaners. They can be bought online, or in-individual from listening to care professionals. Multitools also have a magnetic pole to connect to the listening to resource battery to assist without having any problems. You can insert them without losing both the battery, the listening to resource, or both.


The cleaner you keep your hearing aid, the more it will be with you without causing any complications. This will also make them last longer saving you a fortune of buying new ones after some years. This article consists of information and ways on how to clean hearing aids and what tools can be used to keep them clean. It is important to discuss the requirements and your condition with a doctor and verified professional to proceed with hearing aids. It is not suggested that you take any action without any expert guidance in this case. 

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