Household Cleaning: 10 Tricks To Carry Out Quick

Household Cleaning: 10 Tricks To Carry Out Quick

Who says household cleaning can’t be carried out fast? In today’s era where almost every homeowner feels short on time, it’s important to opt for a quick house cleaning. Whether you are cleaning during the weekend and want to save time for the dinner date or have guests coming in a couple of minutes, follow our cleaning tips. These will save you time while making your place sparkling clean.

Quick House Cleaning Hacks

1. Start With De-cluttering

Before beginning the cleaning, pick up the clutter from the entire house. Move from room to room to de-clutter. As you pick up the clutter, organize everything in place.

10 Tricks To Carry Out Quick House Cleaning
Household Cleaning: 10 Tricks To Carry Out Quick

2. Dust & Vacuum Every Day 

Opt for a regular dusting for shelves, furniture, appliances, and decor items. Clean the ceiling fans and other hard-to-reach areas once a week. Follow this with vacuuming to prevent grime buildup. Dusting and vacuuming regularly will save time required on mopping.

3. Opt For Multi-tasking

Clean your kitchen countertops and stovetop as you prepare food. This will prevent you from spending time scrubbing those caked-on food splatters later. Also, it’s wise to wash your cookware and dishes immediately after serving or eating.

4. Keep Cleaning Essentials In One Place 

Whether it’s a vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, or domestic cleaner, keeping everything organized in one place will ease the cleaning job. This will prevent you from searching for cleaning tools here and there as you clean.  

5. Wipe Bathroom Floors After Every Use

To prevent your floors tiles and grout from getting dull and to avoid mildew, you need to wipe bathroom floors after every use. Also make sure to wipe the faucet, mirror, and washbasin. You can opt for a weekly deep cleanse that would include cleaning the toilet bowl, bathroom tiles, shower curtain, storage, etc.

6. Clean Cleaning Tools 

Clean your vacuum, broom, and mop every week. This will prevent extra dirt buildup that could result from using dirty cleaning tools.

7. Carry An Apron

Want to save time by avoiding running back and forth? Then use an apron to store your cleaning tools and supplies. Use an apron with multiple pockets to carry all the supplies hassle-free. Alternatively, you can keep the tools in a bucket and carry along with you as you clean places.

8. Use A Pair Of Tongs For Window Cleaning

Wrap a cloth around the tong and clean your windows with it. Alternatively, you can employ a squeegee. This will allow you to clean your windows faster.

10 Tricks To Carry Out Quick House Cleaning
Household Cleaning: 10 Tricks To Carry Out Quick

9. Use Floor Protector

Invest in floor-protecting covering for your hard surface floors. It will provide protection from dirt and will also prevent stains and scratches. Floor protector sheet is indeed essential to prevent wear and tear of your luxury floors.

10. Clean Hard Surfaces 

Make a habit of dusting every hard surface everything. This will not only include floors but also appliances, doorknobs, storage cabinets, electric appliances, etc.

Follow these quick house cleaning tips. Try to divide the cleaning tasks among your family members to speed up the job. Happy cleaning!

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