How To Do Dryer Vent Cleaning At Home

How To Do Dryer Vent Cleaning At Home

Dryer vent cleaning should be done periodically for the efficient performance of the unit. Apart from achieving peak efficiency, cleaning is also required to reduce the risk of potential fire hazards. Well, you need to check for signs of lint buildup and commence cleaning before it’s too late. If your dryer is working slow, taking longer to dry, giving out a burning smell or becoming hotter, it’s high time you should opt for vent cleaning. Here’s how you can do it.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Simplified

Step 1: Switch Off The Dryer

Before commencing dryer vent cleaning, turn off and unplug the dryer unit. If you own a dryer that runs on gas, turn off the gas. If you aren’t aware of how to do that, seek a professional. The best is to call a local gas agency for the same.

How To Do Dryer Vent Cleaning At Home
How To Do Dryer Vent Cleaning At Home

Step 2: Remove Vent Clamp

Remove vent clamp to access the vent duct. Remove any metal tape or unscrew the clamp holding the unit’s vent pipe. Once you have removed the clamps, inspect the vent pipe, and check for holes or cracks. For a gas dryer, we will advise you to seek professional help to avoid gas leaks.

Step 3: Clean The Unit

Wear gloves and clean the debris sticking to the vent pipe with your hands. To clean the duct, you will require a specialized dryer vent cleaning kit that includes a long brush. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum or plumber’s snake and make them reach as far as possible. Also, make sure to clean the disconnected components of the unit.

Step 4: Clean The Exterior Vent

Now, locate your exterior vent and remove its covering, if any. Remove as much debris as you can with your hands, vacuum or plumber’s snake. It’s wise to look for an extended brush that can reach the entire duct. Cover the exterior vent after cleaning. If your vent has become a resting place for rodents or insects, you need to set up a special ventilation flap to prevent them from entering your vent.

How To Do Dryer Vent Cleaning At Home
How To Do Dryer Vent Cleaning At Home

Step 5: Reassemble The Dryer Unit

Fasten the clamp or place the metal tape after you have attached the vent to your dryer. Plug the unit and turn on the power supply. Let the dryer run for 5 minutes. You may also check the exterior vent to ensure it is dirt-free.

Dryer Vent Cleaning + Safety Tips

  • Clean your vacuum with a regular broom after using it.
  • If you have metal foil or plastic ductwork, get it replaced with rigid metal ductwork.
  • You need to check the unit if the covering of the exterior vent doesn’t open.
  • If the dryer unit gets hot from outside, switch it off and inspect it.
  • Carry out dryer vent cleaning once every six months.
  • If your laundry room has become quite humid or your notice burnt smell, it’s time to clean the dryer unit. If clothes don’t dry fully, become hot after drying or take longer to dry, we advise you to clean your unit.
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