How To Keep The Price Low When Hiring An Amazon Industrial Cleaning Service

amazon cleaning services

Amazon Cleaning Services, Incorporated is a Florida based business that offers residential cleaning services for Amazon clients using their cleaning trucks. They also offer janitorial, commercial and professional cleaning services. It was founded in 1998 by Keith Baxter, who had worked with the U.S. Postal Service as an account manager. He then pursued a position as a commercial cleaner for the University of Florida. Following his years at the University, Mr. Baxter came to realize that he was always looking for ways to improve his service offerings so he could increase his income and eventually become a millionaire.

Commercial Services

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Amazon’s cleaning service contract was initially just for the residential houses and hence was known as the Amazon House Cleaning Services. Over the years, they have extended their contract to cover commercial and office buildings too. The most common items they clean air refrigerators, ovens, sinks, toilets, stairways and garages. They estimate the estimated reading time of each room to be anywhere from two to five hours. The cleaning crew uses green cleaning products and cleaners that do not contain any harmful chemicals. This makes their services environment-friendly.

The services offered by Amazon include a professional approach with the home or commercial building. At the start, when you sign up with the house cleaning services, you would be assigned an individual supervisor, called a floor manager. Each floor has its own cleaning supervisor who takes care of the cleaning needs of that particular floor.

Split Between Two Floors

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If you have an apartment, the cleaning services for the apartment will be split between two floors. One floor will deal with the daily cleaning while the other floor will take care of the condo cleaning. The individual Floors Manager would have the tasks of overseeing all cleaning orders and taking care of any complaints or problems that arise in connection to the work. If you have a condominium, you would have your own individual supervisor who is also responsible for supervising the condo cleaning team.

Best Service

Amazonia house cleaning services take their job seriously. The crew works with complete professionalism. When they arrive at your property, the first thing they do is survey the area to make sure that no damage has been done and that your belongings are intact. Based on the estimated reading time, the team then proceeds to vacuum your rooms, clean your windows and wipe down your desks. You are not required to spend much time on these chores. For instance, if there is only a few items in need of being cleaned, the team can finish the job in an hour or two.

Final Words

When it comes to delivering, Amazon’s residential house cleaning services from Australia are swift. The maid agency’s driver picks up your package at your specified location. The rest is up to the customer, who can track the package using an online tracking number provided by Amazon. Your package is normally delivered within one business day. As you can see, this form of cleaning service from Amazon saves you money, time and effort. Its affordability is another reason why it’s so popular with both small and large businesses.

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