How To Make Cleaning Clipart On Your Windows Computer

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Do you want to make a cleaning clipart either for your magazine or presentation? A few software let you make it easily without worrying about copyright images. You can use these images for advertisement or sale. Moreover, this software includes royalty-free images that you can use for free.

So, if you want to make cleaning clipart, you will get all the cleaning essentials images in that software.

Tools To Create Cleaning Clipart

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Adobe Illustrator

Adobe comes with some of the most interesting features and everything that you require to make beautiful clipart. It lets you add stunning effects, different font sizes, colors, and many more. Here are some features of adobe illustrator

  • Better launch time
  • Simple vector paths
  • Preview mode for effects
  • Tutorials for each feature
  • Freeform gradients

Adobe illustrator is not a free tool.


A laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a window

One of the best software to make cleaning clipart and other artworks are edraw. It is compatible with all Platforms. Here’s what you can do with edraw

  • Share clipart without verification
  • Make personalized greeting cards, diagrams, and flowcharts
  • Includes more than 8000 vector clipart
  • High-quality functionalities
  • A gallery with different templates
  • Offers clear clipart
  • No downloading of clipart is required
  • Users can import their cleaning clipart in different formats such as jpg, png. Gif, and more


If you want a free tool to make cleaning clipart then phoxo is best. It is compact and fast software with more than 50 features. Phoxo lets you perform all major functions like crop, select, navigate, paint, and retouching.

You can even add shadows and gradients to your cleaning clipart for better effect. In case you are stuck somewhere then phoxo offers tutorials as well.

These were the three best tools to make clipart but if you don’t have a space on your desktop, then try online tools. There are several free online sites where you can turn a picture into a clipart or make a fresh one. They let you add text and layers to the art for better results. Moreover, they are free and require no registration.

Users who don’t have a desktop can use clipart apps. Here are the few to try

Clipart Apps For Mobile

If you want to make mobile friendly cleaning clipart, use any of these best tools

Picsart- offers ready to made stickers, or users can make their own clipart

Open clipart- 

2.It is a free app for both android and iOS users. Open clipart includes a keyword research feature to search from thousands of images, easy navigation, and bookmark function.

3.Lightx- The app has a gallery of stickers, requires no editing skills, and you can even make memes using this application.

4.Canva- one of the best apps is Canva for making clear and high-quality cleaning clipart. This is even used by professionals. It’s easy to use and comes with different free templates.

These were the apps and platforms using which you can make your cleaning clipart easily.

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