Know In-Depth About High Rise Window Cleaning Equipments

high rise window cleaning equipment

Try to imagine that you’re enjoying a weekend with your partner. Your partner is sitting in a chair in a hotel room, looking out the window and thinking about romantic things. You are looking at him/her and smiling with blushing cheeks. Their eyes make you crazy, and you are continuously staring at them. All of a sudden, you see a worker appear just outside the window.

Before you ask for help, It’s just a window washer!

High Rise Window Cleaning Equipment 

A view of a large window

The twenty-first century is entirely an era of science and technology. Industrialization is rapidly making huge architectures as well as their huge glassy windows. So being shiny windows have to be cleaned regularly. At a glance of the future, when humans have done the terraformation of venus or started civilization on Mars, there will be no need for window cleaners but now in the present is nothing less than a highly sensitive work.

So, do you want to know about skyscraper window washing – you may know it is amongst the dangerous jobs in the world – carried out? 

Window-Cleaning Equipment

We can divide this equipment into three categories;

1- Safety equipment

2- Essential works instruments 

3- Entertainment tools 

One overview of all essential technique and equipment 

A shower curtain next to a window

Fall Arrest/Restraint Systems

• Safety & Tie-back Anchors

• Horizontal Cable Lifeline Systems

• Horizontal Rail Lifeline Systems

Primary Suspension Supports

• Direct-to-Safety-Anchor Rigging Systems 

• Davit Systems

• Outrigger Beam Systems 

• Monorail & Gantry Systems

• Rigging Sleeve Systems

Primary Suspension Equipment

 Permanent Powered Platforms, Single Work Cages, Gantries, and Track Mounted Roof Car Systems

1- Safety equipment 

As the artists have to work at a certain height, they must have to be well equipped with safety essentials. Usually, a window cleaner’s mechanism consists of a descent mechanism, rope protector, a rope-grabbing tool, a safety rope, a lanyard, and suction cups. These tools not only protect them from death but also pull them out from Vertigo.

At begin, the cleaners used to maintain their feet on the window ledges and hold the frame to support. Just imagine that moment! So terrible? Yes, the game of death in simple words or in Indian words we can say “Khataro Ke Khiladi.” so leather belts were invented and introduced.

2-Essential works instruments 

Nowadays, there are different ways in which window cleaning is done based on certain needs. The way they work is done depends entirely on the way the work is to be needed.

The common window-washing equipment are boom, carriage, Bosun’s chair, portable davit.

Bosun’s chair is an excellent modern invention and is extremely convenient for a washer alone. This provides access to tight areas of an edge, with the washer sitting securely in a comfortable position. It is ideal for long and difficult window cleaning.

‘Boom’ is historically the oldest and most commonly used mechanism. It consists of a scaffold that allows multiple washers to work together and therefore makes it easier for a group to work together. Note that this is a permanent system, that is, it is fixed to the roof of the building when necessary.

‘Carriage’ is a better option which is becoming increasingly popular these days. The carriage is arranged atop a rail on the roof, which allows it to move from left to right. Like the boom, it not only holds multiple washers at one time but provides a clear advantage over the boom in terms of time consumption. A portable davit is the cheapest mechanism among these options; This gives access to several areas of a pawn while carrying a group of washers.

3- Entertainment tools 

In that kind of work, we can’t distract ourselves even for a single second. so using radios and cell phones on the job is generally forbidden. 

“As a safety precaution, music and smartphones are not permitted in the area , but some workers listen to their own music in their heads,” said a local worker. And by carrying a radio or some music gadget can make disturbance for residential people.


Those who work in small buildings may use cell phones or pop in earbuds and listen to podcasts. So sometimes they use some gadgets like high rise window cleaning equipment for their goodfare. 

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