Laundry And Detergent Safety Tips

Laundry And Detergent Safety Tips

If you have kids at home, you probably would be spending a lot of time in your laundry room. While you do laundry, it’s important to ensure that your kids are away from the laundry room so that they won’t end up doing anything that’s not safe for them. You also need to pay attention to laundry products and equipment once you are done with washing. In this article, we have underlined guidelines for carrying out safe and healthy laundry – right from detergent safety and paying attention during use to disposal. Read on to know:

Detergent Safety

Detergents are chemicals and hence are poisonous. You need to carefully store them as well as handle them safely before and after use.

Laundry & Detergent Safety Tips
Laundry And Detergent Safety Tips
  • Read instructions mentioned on the detergent packet regarding how to use and safely store the product. Also, read warning and safety labels to discover what should be done in case of injuries.
  • Keep detergent in its original container. Make sure it has the original label on it. Close the container tightly as soon as you are done with washing.
  • If you have used the detergent, throw its bottle/container. Do not employ it for any other use.
  • Keep laundry products away from young kids and pets. You can store them in a separate, high cabinet. Make sure to keep the cabinet locked every time.
  • Clean detergent spills as soon as they occur.
  • Do not mix commercial products with any household cleaner as the combo can prove out to be fatal. Also, keep household cleaners in locked cabinets when not in use.
  • If you use detergent packets, keep them away from children. Follow the instructions given on the packet and take out the packet from its original container only when you are about to turn on the washer.
  • Wash baby clothes separately with ‘baby’ laundry products that are safe and less likely to cause problems like skin irritation.
Laundry & Detergent Safety Tips
Laundry And Detergent Safety Tips

Paying Attention To Washing Equipment

Washers and dryers can pose serious injuries. So, it is important to operate them wisely.

  • If your equipment doesn’t have built-in safety locks, consider buying a child-safe lock to prevent your kids from opening the equipment. Also, keep kids away from washers and dryers every time.
  • Run an empty wash cycle with detergent to clean your washer. Wipe it completely from inside and let it dry.
  • Clean the lint screens and inspect vent pipes after every use to prevent a fire hazard. Go for an annual vent cleaning to ensure the safe and sound use of the dryer.
  • If your equipment has rubber hoses, replace them with reinforced braided material. Foil accordion duct should be replaced with a solid metal duct.
  • Carry out an annual inspection of your laundry appliances to ensure they are working just how they need to. If your clothes aren’t washing or drying properly, it’s time to get your machine inspected.

Additional Safety Tip

Keep the door of your laundry room locked before and after washing. You should teach your children that the room is not safe for them and they should never go inside.

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