Office Cleaning: 12 Hacks To Boost Your Workplace

Office Cleaning: 12 Hacks To Boost Your Workplace

A messy office desk and work environment create a stressful aura which decreases focus and concentration and hampers productivity. A cluttered office can affect the relationship with your clients, which can severely affect the business. Well, cleaning and maintaining a workplace is not a tricky job. You also won’t have to spend on expensive cleaners to keep your office tidy all year round. Follow a regular cleaning routine and use our office cleaning hacks to boost your workplace environment.

Office Cleaning Hacks

1. Make A DIY Condiment Cap Vacuum

Make the process of cleaning narrow gaps and hard-to-reach places hassle-free with the help of a condiment cap vacuum. Just take out the lid of a plastic condiment bottle and secure it on the vacuum hose with the help of elastic bands. Use this attachment whenever you want to clean tight spaces.

12 Office Cleaning Hacks To Boost Your Workplace Environment
Office Cleaning: 12 Hacks To Boost Your Workplace

2. Clean Rusty Metal Tools With Vinegar

Get rid of rust from rusty office equipment, including blades, scissors, staplers, etc. by using vinegar. Saturate a cloth in white vinegar and then wipe down the rusty metal with this cloth.

3. Keep A Microfiber Cloth Handy 

Keep a microfiber cloth in your proximity to clean your desk in your spare time. It’s good to make a habit of dusting your office desk, furniture, electronics, etc. before you start to work every day. This will minimize dust accumulation and promote a healthy environment. Alternatively, you can use baby wipes to get rid of the mess quickly.

4. Use Socks For Window Blinds

Attach a clean sock to a microfiber duster wand to clean the window blinds in no time. You can dip the sock in vinegar to deeply sanitize the blinds.

5. Remove Water Rings With A Dryer

If your wooden office desk has water rings, ward them off with the help of a hairdryer. Turn on the dryer and project it at the rings to remove the stains in a matter of time.

6. Clean Microwave/Oven With Moist Paper Towels

Deeply clean your messy ovens and microwaves using moist paper towels. Place them inside and run the appliance for 3-5 minutes. Let the towels cool and then employ them to wipe the interior. If your oven racks are messy, take them out and put them in a bag filled with a white vinegar solution. Leave them undisturbed for 30-45 minutes before washing them with water.

7. Limit Odors In Trash Can With Dryer Sheets

Keeping a few dryer sheets in the garbage cans will limit odors to a great extent. For efficient trashcan cleaning, use a liquid detergent to wash the interior of the can.

8. Use Sticky Notes To Pick Food Crumbs

Eliminate the food crumbs stuck between the keys of your laptop or computer with sticky notes. Use the adhesive side of notes to reach crumbs as well as dust particles.

9. Clean Office Sinks With Lemon & Ice

Disinfect the office bathroom sinks and faucets with lemon. After scouring them with lemon, put some ice cubes along with lemon pieces in the sink to evict odors.

10. Invest In Mats

Keep mats at the entrance and under desk chairs. This will make the floor region near the office desk less dirty.

12 Office Cleaning Hacks To Boost Your Workplace Environment
Office Cleaning: 12 Hacks To Boost Your Workplace

11. Clean Electronics With Alcohol & Water

Electronics like a laptop, printers, phones, etc. can be disinfected with alcohol and water solution. Clean them with the solution once every week to keep germs at bay.

12. Use Baking Soda & Essential Oil Combo As Deodorizer

Ward off bad odors from office by keeping pots filled with baking soda and some essential oil at various places. This will make your workplace smelling brilliant every time.

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