Office Cleaning Tips To Achieve Smart Workplace

Office Cleaning Tips To Achieve Smart Workplace

Every employee loves the feeling of working in a clean and hygienic office. A tidy workplace is also crucial to leave a positive impression on clients and boost overall productivity. So if you are an entrepreneur, make sure your office stays clean all year round. These office cleaning tips are sure to meet your hygiene standards. Check them out.


De-clutter by ditching the things you no longer need in the office, such as old files, newspapers, torn furniture, non-functional appliances, etc. You can keep these items in the office store or get rid of them entirely. Also, place trash bins throughout the workplace and empty them every day. Don’t forget to sanitize the bins with a good cleaner.

Office Cleaning Tips To Achieve Smart Workplace
Office Cleaning Tips To Achieve Smart Workplace

Organize Everything

Arrange everything wisely. Organize paperwork by keeping it in proper storage to save space. You also need to ensure your office furniture stays organized.

Clean Electronics

Disinfect your office electronics from time to time to get rid of dirt, stains, grime, and bacteria. No matter whether it’s desktop, phone, projector or any other device, make sure to duster it regularly. For air duct cleaning, seek a professional.

Vacuum Desk, Furniture, Files & Folders 

Even if your desk looks sorted, you must vacuum it every day to prevent dirt buildup. Similarly, vacuum the top of your office furniture, magazines, files, folders, and books. You can choose hand dusting instead of vacuuming.

Clean Office Kitchen 

The kitchen can’t be ignored when it comes to office cleaning, apart from storing food in cabinets, clean kitchen countertops, exhaust fans, kitchen appliances, and sink faucets. You can use a homemade kitchen cleaner like bleach for deep cleaning.

Opt For Regular Carpet Cleaning

Carpets and rugs have most of the hidden dirt. Hence, it’s crucial to disinfect them periodically. Use a vacuum cleaner to ward off dirt and grime. You may need to opt for carpet shampooing if your carpets are stained. It’s wise to call a professional carpet cleaner for deep cleaning.

Sanitize Toilets

Disinfect toilet bowls, doorknobs, sink, taps, floors, etc. You can use a commercial toilet sanitizer or cleaner or use natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar, borax, etc. Also, wash toilet rugs regularly.

Office Cleaning Tips To Achieve Smart Workplace
Office Cleaning Tips To Achieve Smart Workplace

Disinfect Light Fixtures

Dirty office lamps and light fixtures result in dull lighting. Having bad lighting in the office can decrease the productivity of your employees. So, clean the fixtures on a daily basis. If your office has chandeliers, you can opt for an annual cleaning.

Clean Office Plants

Plants work as purifiers inside the office. They eliminate toxins from indoor air and release moisture which in turn increases humidity in the surrounding air. This helps prevent respiratory distresses and office sickness. So, make sure to wipe leaves of plants with a paintbrush or a damp cloth. It’s good to rinse the leaves with warm water. Don’t wash leaves of fuzzy plants or those which are sensitive to water such as cacti. You can use an air-compressor for such plants.

Follow these office cleaning tips & tricks to achieve a smart workplace!

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