Pool Cleaning Equipment You Need to Know About

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Whether you are using hot or cold water, the first thing that comes into mind when you think of pool cleaning equipment is the pool vacuum. There are so many different types of pool vacuums available in the market today. And there are also many different brands. You should be sure that the one you purchase is appropriate for your pool cleaning needs.

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TELESCOPICO POLE. The telescopic pole is basically a long, flexible pole you will be holding above the water. It connects onto all kinds of pool cleaning equipment including the skimmers, brush, vacuum heads, filters, and various combinations of them all. As a minimum, you should buy an 8-foot long telescoping pole which could reach up to 16 ft, so you could clean the entire pool bottom and its sides conveniently. It is best to have a longer pole for bigger pools.

SKIMPOLE SKIMMERS. You have probably heard about the skimmer net already, but this is a special type of vacuum cleaner designed specifically for use with the telescopic poles skimmers. It is really ideal for larger-sized pools with deep holes. These nets also come in several varieties, which are more suitable for specific purposes.

TOY HOLE MACHINE. Pool owners can choose between different types of toys: suction-side, pressure-side, or rotary-skim tools. If your pool cleaning equipment budget does not allow you to buy all the necessary toys for the job, a simple manual toy hopper is still a good option.

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COPY MACHINES. Copiers are quite efficient pool cleaning equipment that allows pool owners to print out copies of documents. They are quite affordable, but you will need to purchase ink, paper, toner, and a roll clamp. You can use your copier to scan receipts and other documents, or just print them if you don’t want to bother with toner and paper. A printer, scanner, and copy machine all go well together to save time and money on professional pool care services. This is probably the most versatile piece of equipment you can get for your home.

PHYSANETIC CHAMPABLE. Chlorine is one of the most common chemicals used in swimming pools. However, it can cause many unpleasant and even deadly side effects. By purchasing a chlorine remover, you will be protecting your family from such dangers.

SKIMPABLE VELUXE. Skim through your pool cleaning equipment stash and find the vacuum cleaner. It is best to buy a high-quality vacuum than a cheaper one because the former will have better suction. A skim board can help you remove larger particles of debris from the sides of the pool while the vacuum removes smaller ones. A skimmer is highly recommended when doing pool cleaning.

ADD CHEMIC CHEMISTRY. Some people say that chemicals are bad for you. Well, chemicals are good for you. Purchasing a chemical starter kit is the best way to start chemical pool cleaning and you don’t need to add chlorine anymore. However, before you buy a chemical kit, make sure that it doesn’t contain any harmful substances and read the package label thoroughly.

CLEAN & SANITIZE. Skim through your pool care supplies and look for skimming screens or skim boards. This accessory will help you skim through the water without having the water come into contact with your skin. This accessory is ideal for swimming pools that have not been treated with chlorine. Skim boards can also be used when cleaning and sanitizing hot tubs. If you are a novice at pool care, buy a simple skim board from a hardware store.

Drying. When the water starts to dry, you can use a vacuum or brush in order to get the surface of the swimming pool neat and clean. The easiest way to clean the pool surface is to leave it for a few hours and allow the dirt to dry. However, if you have an expensive swimming pool, it would be better to have professionals do the dry cleaning. If you are cleaning an expensive swimming pool, you might want to consider investing on a drying machine.

CLEAN & DRILL. If you are planning on doing any work around your pool deck, be sure to clear away any debris before starting. This will prevent you from spending time scrubbing the algae and leaves off your pool deck clean. If you are not comfortable removing the debris yourself, hire a pool cleaning company. A good company should be able to remove most of the debris within two hours.

BRANDED COIL. If you want a pool cleaning service that you can trust, opt to get a brand new automatic pool cleaning brush. With this type of brush automatic pool cleaning system, you don’t need to worry about getting the tool wet. Just load it up with your pool water and let it do its job. After a few hours of cleaning, you should be able to dry the pool water and see no more build up of dirt and algae.

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