Shower Cleaning Hacks: 8 Tips To Clean Your Bathroom

Shower Cleaning Hacks: 8 Tips To Effortlessly Clean Your Bathroom

From removing hard mineral deposits on the faucet to picking up stray hairs, cleaning a shower may seem overwhelming to some. However, it is essential to give it a regular deep cleaning so that it won’t become breeding ground for germs. The good news is that bathroom cleaning doesn’t necessarily have to be a back-breaking chore. There are several shower cleaning hacks and ideas you can use to accomplish the cleaning activity with speed and optimal efficiency.

1. Use Vinegar Cleaner For Windows & Mirrors

Give your bathroom windows, mirrors, and shower screens a squeaky clean look with vinegar cleaner. Make a DIY shower cleaner by mixing vinegar and warm in 1:2. Add half a cup of rubbing alcohol in the mixture. Dip a microfiber cloth in the cleaner and use it to buff windows and screens. At last, switch on the shower fan after cleaning for quick drying.

8 Shower Cleaning Hacks To Effortlessly Clean Your Bathroom
Shower Cleaning Hacks: 8 Tips To Clean Your Bathroom

2. Banish Mold & Mildew With Sodium Bicarbonate

Allow your shower and bathroom curtains to dry thoroughly after every use. We recommend washing your shower curtains and towels every week and dry them completely before reusing them. To evict mildew from curtains, wash them with detergent and baking soda mixture and add 1/2 cup white vinegar before the rinse cycle.

3. Make Shower Head, Sink & Faucets Shine With Lemon

Showerhead and faucets tend to accumulate hard water stains, which are difficult to eliminate. They also make them look dull over time. Make your shower head, sink and taps shine like never before by cleaning them with lemon. Rinse your fixtures with a lemon and buff. Don’t forget to polish them with wax paper once every month.

4. Use Clean The Toilet Bowl With Borax

Borax is a perfect multi-purpose shower cleaner that works efficiently in eliminating stains and imparting good smell. Scrub your filthy towel bowl with a borax paste prepared with water. Leave it for a good amount of time and then rinse the bowl with warm water. Alternatively, you can use bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar mixture to disinfect the towel bowl and exterior surfaces.

5. Unclog A Drain With Effervescent Indigestion Tablets

Soap, toothpaste, or razor gunk clog drains in no time. To make the drain work again, drop 3-4 indigestion tablets in it. Next, pour one cup of distilled vinegar. Let the drain rest like this for 15 minutes. Follow up with hot water rinse to unclog the drain.

6. Clean Tiles & Grout Using Kosher Salt

Scrub your tiles and grout with a shower cleaner made by mixing a cup of kosher salt, borax, and baking powder. Use this mixture to scour your tiles to make them sparkly clean. Rinse with warm water and then wipe the tiles with a clean cloth.

8 Shower Cleaning Hacks To Effortlessly Clean Your Bathroom
Shower Cleaning Hacks: 8 Tips To Clean Your Bathroom

7. Keep Pre-Made Wipes Handy For Quick Cleaning

Clean your sink and toilet seats and cover with wipes every time you use them. This quick cleaning will save you from tremendous scrubbing later.

8. Give Bath Toys A Vinegar Wash

Disinfect your bath toys every week with white vinegar and lukewarm water to ward off bacteria. You can put them in the washer or rinse them while taking a shower.

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