Simple Wood Floor Cleaning Tips

wooden floor cleaning tips

Wooden floorings are usually quite resistant but they can be scratched and stained. They are also prone to dents caused by heavy furniture, shoes, and kids’ shoes. Even though it may look like the wooden floor is fine and in fact can take a lot of abuse before you will have to replace it, that is not always the case. One of the best ways to keep the wooden floors looking nice for as long as possible is to apply some type of protective coating or sealant to the surface.

Some of the most recommended penetrating sealants are polyurethane-based. If you have an existing wooden floor and it is in fairly good condition, you should not have any problems with applying a polyurethane-based penetrating sealant. Applying a penetrating sealant to your wood floors can save you a lot of money. You can also protect your wooden floor from future damage by sealing it. There are many reasons why you should seal your wooden floor, but if you want to know what your options are then read on.

Liquid Spills And Stains

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The first floor cleaning tips concern the possibility of liquid spills and stains. Spills are never a good thing, but they can happen. If a spill occurs, try blotting it up with paper towels or sponges. When you clean the area of the spill, use the same cleaning agents that you would to clean the area if a stain were to occur. If you clean it with plain water and a paper towel, you can remove much of the moisture that was present when the spill occurred.

For areas where a stain has occurred, the same cleaning solution that you would use to clean the area if there were a spill will work just as well. Try using warm water to soak up the excess water and to make sure nothing is left behind after cleaning the area. If there is a bit of water remaining, it can be removed with a simple household cleaner.

Overcoat Of Wood Polish

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If a certain spot remains after you have cleaned the area, you can apply an undercoat of wood polish. This is actually quite useful if you want the finish to last. Before applying the polish, let the wooden floor dry thoroughly so that it can be applied more effectively. A normal wood floor wax can be used as a finishing touch to give your wood floor a nice smooth feel.

One of the main areas of concern with wood floors is the maintenance of the surface. You need to keep the floor dry and spotless at all times. Moisture and dirt tend to build up in the spaces between the planks. A wood floor can easily be ruined if it is not maintained in this manner. This is why you need to be very careful about the cleaning you do for your wood floors.

Different Types Of Sealants

You can easily avoid having to worry about damage to your floor by using a good sealant to prevent damage. There are many different types of sealants available and many of them are easy to apply.

A simple way to apply the sealant is to use a sponge. Simply wet the area with water before applying the sealant. Wooden floor cleaning tips tell you that it is important not to walk on the wood floor after applying the sealant.

Final Verdict

Regular cleaning is also one of the most important wooden floor cleaning tips you should follow. This will help prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust. When you clean your floor using a cleaning solution, you should always test the liquid on a small piece of the floor before actually using it on the entire floor. This ensures that no other liquids can get into the wooden floor. These wooden floor cleaning tips are necessary if you want your wooden floor to look great.

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