Some Kitchen Cleaning Tips

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The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in our house. We should keep it as clean as possible. We store all our food in the kitchen. There is no option to let our kitchen stay dirty.  Let’s check out the cleaning tips.

Kitchen cleaning is a part of cooking. Every member of the house should know the basic cleanliness discipline. Every member should make cleaning a second habit, especially cleaning the kitchen area. 

Here are some basic kitchen cleaning tips you can implement while cleaning your house. 

1. Baking Soda Cleaning Tips

The best thing about baking soda is its eco-friendly property. We know baking soda for its whitening ability. It’s reliable, efficient, and cheap. Instead of using some dangerous chemicals to clean your stove and kitchen replace it with baking soda. 

It will not only clean your stove but you’ll also be free from many dangerous chemicals that you use for cleaning. Baking soda is one of the best kitchen cleaning ingredients.  

2. The Magic Of Lemon And Vinegar

You can use lemon and vinegar mixture solution literally for all household cleaning. You can unclog your garbage disposal, you can remove grease from your stainless steel kitchen sink and you can also use it to clean your home tiles floors. 

Sometimes you get an unpleasant smell from your kitchen fridge. Spray some lemon and vinegar solution and see how magic works. For kitchen cleaning, prepare a solution in advance and store it in a bottle. 

3. Lemon And Salt Cleaning Tips 

I am sure you have furniture and cutting boards made of wood. If so, this tip is for you. I know how it feels to clean wooden cutting boards. But with lemon and salt, you can clean with ease. 

All you have to do is cut the lemon into two half, sprinkle some salt on the board and rub the board with cut half lemon. The dirt will come out as soon as the salt melt. 

4. Fight Oil With Mineral Oil 

How do you cure your hangover? The only way to cure a hangover fast is to drink alcohol. Alcohol kills alcohol. Similar to hangover clean greasy oil with mineral oil. 

Greasy oil, particularly on your stove, are hard to remove. Apply some oil to the greasy area, and rub it with a cloth. It will go away more easily than you think. Always keep a bottle of mineral oil at your disposal. 

5. Clean Every Single Day

The best way to keep your kitchen clean is to clean it every day. Don’t let dirt stay in your kitchen. Clean it as much as you can. A kitchen is a holy place where you store all your food. And you don’t want your food to be contaminated and attack by germs.

Keep it clean, encourage everybody to clean the kitchen. 


These 5 tips will help you clean any types of dirt from your kitchen. When you use natural cleaning items you encourage eco-friendly and also keep your family safe from dangerous chemicals. 

Try using lemon, baking soda, mineral oil, and vinegar and see how much it cuts off your grocery budget. 

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