Starting a Pressure Washing Business – A Guide

With over five decades of service, pressure cleaning equipment has become one of the most widely used cleaning machines in the residential and commercial cleaning business. It is vital that pressure cleaning equipment is versatile enough to meet a variety of cleaning needs in both commercial and residential settings. Whether cleaning tile, vinyl siding, vinyl floors, vinyl roofing, or cleaning exposed brick and concrete, pressure cleaning benefits contractors and consumers alike by reducing cleanup time, improving safety, preventing harmful chemical contamination, and improving maintenance of equipment.

An Overview

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The most commonly used pressure washing equipment in the residential market is the push washer/spray machine. In recent years, new developments in this cleaner have been made available to address a growing need for power washing services and products. A new development in the push washer/spray machine is the power sprayer. This innovation enables homeowners to perform power washing activities without purchasing separate machines. The power sprayer operates on a similar principle to a garden hose.

Starting Pressure Washing Business

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In the commercial sector, pressure washing equipment sales have become much more competitive. There are literally hundreds of manufacturers of pressure washing equipment. Some of the more popular manufacturers of pressure washing equipment are Bosch, Honda, Hyundai, Kenmore, Panasonic, Sharp, Sirius, ThyssenKrupp Access, Eureka, Meguiars and Bosch. With this many options available, many homeowners are choosing to pressure clean all of their exterior surfaces-including patios, decks, walkways, landscaping, foundations, pool decks, and porches-using one machine. To pressure clean wood and aluminum, there are many pressure washing companies that specialize in both wood and aluminum finishing.

Commercial pressure washing equipment offers advantages for businesses. This equipment can be easily installed by a professional and can be quickly and easily moved to other areas where larger commercial projects may need washing. Commercial pressure washing equipment is also useful for mobile and on-site construction projects. Because pressure cleaning equipment can be transported with the client, construction companies may not need to make multiple trips to a local appliance store to stock their machines.

For homeowners looking to start a pressure washing business, there are many options. Homeowners can purchase used pressure washing equipment, or they can investigate the possibility of purchasing brand new equipment. For those homeowners interested in starting a pressure washing business, one option is to pressure-wash for a company as part of a job interview. A second option is to contact a local power washing company to inquire about renting equipment for a pressure washing service.

In The End

The high pressure washing industry has experienced strong growth over the past two decades. The high cost of traditional methods of cleaning, and the concerns about the effect of chemical pollution on our environment have prompted a number of innovative businesses to enter the pressure washing industry. Pressure washing equipment and services have become affordable for consumers, giving them more options for cleaning. In addition, pressure washing technology has improved and added new features such as air pressure washing, which utilizes the same pump technology that’s used in personal water pumps, to reduce the overall footprint of the equipment. This new technology has been proven to help cut down on the negative environmental impacts of traditional water washing methods.

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