The Different Types Of Laundry And Dry Cleaning Equipments

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Laundry and dry cleaning equipment are used for numerous applications. The common uses of the equipments are laundry, dry cleaning, steam cleaning and stain removal. The laundry equipments that are of high technological efficiency meet different washing needs and multi-tasking requirements of different clients. The technology based laundry and dry cleaning equipment can perform all the tasks involved in the laundry process. Some of the most commonly used equipments are:


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This laundry equipment consists of two or more automated units that switch automatically between the two sets of systems. It saves time, efforts and energy. This type of laundry equipment has a special function where it can be switched between hot and cold water. It is a very effective dry cleaning machine. It has a powerful motor, big storage capacity, large drum, stainless steel heated floor, separate hot water and cold water supply and electric tank.

Dry Cleaner

This is another important laundry cleaning equipment which is available in different sizes and varieties. It is of superior performance. The dry cleaning kits consists of different models such as electric, dry cleaning equipment, automatic dry cleaning machine, pressure washer dry cleaning system, combination dry and laundry cleaning machine, vertical dry-clean only machine etc.

Washer And Dryer

This is a modernized laundry and dry cleaning machine that is designed to suit the washing needs of professional laundry and dry cleaning companies. It saves valuable time, efforts and energy. It saves a lot of space. It has both a washing machine and dryer inside. This makes the working of the machine faster than the previous type of dry cleaning machines. It comes with special features like auto wash and rinse, dryer disinfection and wash settings for delicates.

Laundry Ice Blasting

Another form of drying machines. These are used for light washing or finishing the laundry in a jiffy. Laundry ice blasting systems are available in different types and capacities. Some of them use electricity for the operation while few others use dry ice blasting units.

Automatic Dry Cleaners

These are the most recent form of dry cleaning equipment and the future of the industry. It saves valuable time, efforts and energy. Automatic dry cleaning equipment are designed to be mechanically operated, electronically operated or by a manual input. In a few cases electronic models are also controlled electrically by a qualified technician.

Laundry Dryer

Laundry dryer is another kind of laundry cleaning equipment, which is used to dry small loads of laundry quickly and economically. These are designed for use with either a hot or cold water supply. There are many types of laundry dryers available in the market such as electric, manual, semi-automatic and automatic dryers. The electric dry cleaning equipment is quite popular as they are easy to maintain, are quite safe and convenient to use.

Manual Dry Cleaner

This type of dry cleaning machine is commonly used in large laundry rooms. They are used to dry and press fabric. Some people use these machines to dry their car and luggage. Semi-automatic dry cleaning machine is quite useful to wash and clean various fabrics. Laundry steam cleaners are another form of dry cleaning machines that use heated water to clean the load. These steam cleaners are quite expensive than the other types.

Hydraulic Dry Cleaning Equipment

Hydraulic cleaning equipment has gained more popularity in the recent years. They are quite effective and give you good results. It uses the power of water, pressure and friction to remove dirt from clothes. The only disadvantage of this type of laundry and dry cleaning equipment is that it requires a continuous water supply for successful operation. You can use it at home, office or anywhere you want. It is also quite expensive than other types of cleaning machines.

These are the different types of laundry and dry cleaning machines available today. You should choose the one that is suitable to your purpose and requirement. For home use you should choose the smaller types of machines as they are cheaper. For office use, you should choose the large machines as they are more efficient and powerful. For commercial purpose you should go for the most advanced machines, as they are more reliable and durable.

Final Thoughts

If you need to save your time and money, then laundry and dry cleaning are the best alternative. There are many companies that provide excellent laundry and dry cleaning machines. Choose the best one that is suitable for your need. In addition, you should always make sure that you get the best product that is designed to meet your requirements and budget.

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