Tips For Quick And Easy Cleaning

quick cleaning tips

Below are some of my quick cleaning tips which utilize everyday items to make clean and fresh house (even without spending hours cleaning). Quick Cleaning Tips For Busy People. You should always vacuum and sweep to maintain the fresh smell of your clothes and to fight odors which can build up over time from all the dust on your furniture. Dust can also clog your air conditioner filters and cause it to overheat and run inefficiently.

Quick Cleaning Tips For Busy People

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Dusting your toilet brush is one quick cleaning tips for busy people. You should dust your toilet brush at least once a week in order to avoid streaking and making your bathroom floor looks like a graveyard. To help you remember to dust your toilet brush every day, write down how often you need to do it and store the container for your reminder in a safe place such as your bathroom cabinet. If you use an automatic toilet brush, you should flip the switch to let the cleaner to do its job.

Dusting ceiling fans is a quick cleaning tips for busy people. This is another easy task to do which can help you save time. Ceiling fans can be extremely noisy while being used, so you may want to set them to a lower speed whenever possible to avoid disturbing anyone in your household. If you have a ceiling fan with lights on top, you can dust the blades before you flip the switch to turn them on and off. If you own a ceiling fan and use it often, you may want to consider buying a couple extra sets to place on break or during the season when it isn’t used as often.

Quick Cleaning Tips For Busy People

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Quick dusting of wooden floors is a good habit to get into. If you have hardwood floors, you can simply sweep the floors and leave them to dry. If you have vinyl floors, you can apply a liquid wax to get them shiny again and wipe them down. Quick cleaning tips for busy people who don’t have time to deep clean their floors can help you maintain the cleanliness of your home and reduce allergens that you are breathing.

Getting Your Car Clean: Another quick cleaning tips for busy people is vacuuming your car daily. You may want to visit your local dealership or auto shop to ask about vacuuming your car. Most places will offer a special day and time to vacuum your vehicle depending on the type of surface and the kind of dirt and debris that you have left behind. A good vacuum removes allergens, grease and grime from any type of surface so that you can breathe easier while living in a clean home.

Keeping Your Home Fresh

The kitchen can be one of the dirtiest rooms in the house and one of the worst places for you to spend time doing chores. When you are in a hurry or if you are simply unable to resist eating that cookie, your oven or stovetop can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. One thing that many quick cleaning tips recommend is that you change your baking pans regularly. If you catch this habit, you’ll be sure to enjoy crisp cookies all year long. Using steel wool to remove built up food or scouring products from the bottom of pans can also improve the appearance of your baked goods.

Bottom Line

Keep Your Closets Clean: Another one thing that many quick cleaning tips advocate is that you store your cleaning products in the appropriate places. Plastic bottles of cleaner should be kept in an upright shelf so that you can easily reach for them when you need a product that is harder to get to. Disposable jars of cleaning solution should be stored in a clean spot in your garage or basement. There are many types of microfiber cloths available that are specially designed for storing cleaning products that tend to stain easily. You can purchase these cloths in bulk to save money. In addition, you may find that you can save money by stocking up on the paper towels that you use most often in the laundry area of your home because purchasing these products saves you money.

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