Tips To Help You Make Your Home Clean

A cleaning routine is a habit. Those who have the habits of cleanliness won’t tolerate dirty house. Every individual should adopt the habit of cleaning their home. Be it a 1 BHK apartment or a Villa. You should involve in cleaning your house. Today we will give you some tips on how to keep your home clean every single day. 

Tips To Help You Make Your Home Clean
Tips To Help You Make Your Home Clean

Cleaning Routine Tip No. 1 – Make Your Bed To Keep Home Clean

I know most of you never bother making your bed as soon as you wake up. Do you know your messy bed makes your bedroom look dull and unclean? If you make your bed first thing in the morning. You’ll start your day with a grand feeling of accomplishment and will be willing to clean the entire room. 

Tip No.2 – Wash Off Your Dirty Clothes

One bad habit mostly all the people have is storing dirty cloths to wash later. When you store a lot of cloth, the laundry space looks messy and dirty. And when you do laundry on a weekend or once a week, you spend half of your day just washing clothes. 

So the best thing to do is wash your dirty clothes as soon as it’s dirty. It’ll take you less than 15 minutes to wash a pair of clothes. Just dump your clothes into the washing machine and do your other works while it gets clean. 

Tip No.3 – 15 Minute Night Clean Up – Home Clean Tip

Get your family involved and do a 15 minute night clean up every day. After dinner, ask each family member to clean their room and help you clean the dining and living room. 

Just 15 Minutes of Cleaning every day will keep your home clean every single day. Do the top priority cleaning, which is the biggest mess in the house. 

Tip No.4 – Never Leave a Room Empty-Handed

This one cleaning habit can make a huge difference if you put it into practice. 

When you enter any room, scan the room for anything to belong to another room. Look for waste paper, plastic, any waste laying on the floor. 

Keep in mind the “One-touch Rule”, every time you touch something to move away.  Takes a little extra effort to put it directly away. 

Cleaning Routine Tip No.5 – Clean Your High-Traffic Areas

High-Traffic area means those areas you use the most. The area that you use the most is the area that gets dirty the most. We often use areas like Kitchen and Living Hall.

Focus on this area and clean it daily. It will prevent the spread of dirt and dust throughout the house. Make sure you have a dedicated spot for shoes at the entrances of your house and remind everyone to take off their shoes before coming in.  

Tips To Help You Make Your Home Clean
Tips To Help You Make Your Home Clean


These are the 5 tips that will help you make your home clean every single day. Cleanliness is next to godliness. 

A clean space inspires you and keeps your mood uplifting. Get into the habit of everyday cleaning and see how clean your house will be. 

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