Turning You into a Pleasant Mood When You Face the Mirror, Bathroom Clean Leaving Without Any Marks!

without stressing the object that’s being cleaned. The wiper is mold-proof and extremely sturdy and durable. The best part- it doesn’t need any hardware mounting. It has a flexible hook that makes it easy to hang on towel bars, showerheads, etc. The size is perfect and can fit in any space!

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Pros Of Shower Squeegee Window Glass Wiper

  • Practical and efficient shower squeegee.
  • Easy and comfortable to clean with.
  • Compact shape and can be hanged on shower heads, caddies, etc.
  • Needs no tools for mounting.
  • Ergonomic and non-slip handle.
  • Multi-purpose and great for bathroom tiles, glass windows, mirrors, flat countertops, and so on.
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Cons Of Shower Squeegee Window Glass Wiper

  • You may require cleaning the same area multiple times to get crystal clear glass. 
  • The blade may lose its power with time. 


This silicone squeegee equipped with a streak-free blade cleans water and soap films efficiently and quickly without leaving any trace. Thanks to its high-quality and durable construction! Its ergonomic handle offers a no-slip and comfy grip to reduce hand fatigue. The best part of this cleaning tool is that it is multi-purpose. Use this wiper to remove steam from mirrors or shower doors or do clean up water from the floor or countertops. The design of the bathroom tool allows you to hang it on caddies, showerheads, etc. Something that’s a must-have for you if you want to clean your home effortlessly and without any worries!

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