Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips That Can Improve Your Stay

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Curtains and Drapes are one of the most important home décors which make your home look complete. It sounds quite odd when we think of a home window without a curtain to cover it up. It is not only a useful home décor but also gives a sense of elegance to your home depending on the curtain or drape you choose. They help you block unwanted light, maintain more privacy and even provide insulation during winters. While vacation rental training includes several aspects, we are here to discuss one of the most important decors that contribute to the increased booking of vacation rentals and some cleaning tips about that same. 

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Curtains?

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Curtains and Drapes are by far the most neglected home décor in the house and may hang in the same place for years without any proper care. Nobody cares to look after them until they are covered in dust and absorbed in household smells from cooking, spills of food, or any other way. We do not pay heed to our curtains which could result in thousands of microscopic dust mites taking shelter in them. Sounds creepy right? Yes, but it’s true. The curtains are the natural air filters that resist dust, smoke, odors, and hairs to pass through them and ultimately trap them in their tiny pores, thus making the perfect habitat for dust mites to dwell in. This might result in several allergic reactions or diseases including asthma, dry coughs, and eczema. So you need to clean your curtains and keep a check on them.

Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips – Drapes

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Truly speaking, drapes have a longer-lasting period before it needs cleaning. In research, it has been stated that drapes need to be cleaned every 18 months, though it depends on the use and functionality of the drapes. Few customers believe to get it cleaned when it looks dirty others clean it at regular intervals from time to time. 

Curtain and Drape Cleaning Services

Curtains and Drapes are not cleaned too often but only once in two years so it is recommended to choose an experienced and good company to do the work for you instead of going for the cheap ones. 

Few Points to keep in mind while selecting your Curtain and Drape Cleaning Services-

• You may go for dry cleaning of your Curtains and Drapes but be careful in choosing the company you are dealing with because few of them use the normal clothes dry cleaning machines instead of the Curtain dry cleaning machines which can damage your curtains.

• The fabric of your curtain plays an important role while cleaning it. Therefore, check the fabric labels first and then treat the curtains accordingly.

• You can go for the latest methods of spray and extraction machines to get your curtains cleaned. This method is by far the easiest and it extracts most of the dust, pollution, and smell from your curtains, leaving it fresh and clean.


Keep a check on your curtains and clean them regularly. The modern methods could come in handy while cleaning curtains, drapes, and carpet cleaning Poway. There are several companies available in the market and online which provide Poway carpet cleaning, curtains, and drapes cleaning. Make sure you have your beautiful curtains live up healthy with the décor of your room.

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