What You Need To Know About Bleach Cleaners

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Does the smell of the bleach cleaners give you the feeling that something is really clean? But that’s not true. Something that smells good doesn’t mean it’s good or clean. Most of the people have a misconception that bleach is a cleaner. 

You might have seen stickers on the bottle that say Bleach cleaner for your home. You read it right, it’s a cleaner. But what does it clean? Let me explain. 

Bleach is a disinfectant, not a traditional cleaner. It doesn’t help you remove dirt. Bleach are chemicals not a soap base solution to clean your house. It was first used in 1895 in New York City’s Croton Reservoir as a disinfect water. 

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What You Need To Know About Bleach Cleaners

Good Side of Bleach Cleaners 

  • Bleach is a strong and effective disinfectant. I help kill germs, viruses, and bacteria hidden in your home. Go for Chlorine bleach if you want to get the best result. It’s an oxidizer capable of disrupting microbial cells. 
  • Bleach can neutralize blood stains and other tough stains if used in smaller quantities. You can use it on the floor and furniture. Make sure you mix water in it 
  • Sodium hypochlorite bleach is specially made to whiten clothes, remove stains, and fight germs. But this solution can’t be used in all types of cloths. If you want to use an all-rounder cloth bleach cleaner for your cloth, go for oxygen-based bleach.  

Negative Side of Bleach Cleaners

  • Bleach can damage the surface and remove color. If you used directly, it can burn your wall sticker and wallpapers. 
  • It can be deathly if it comes into contact with other chemicals. Some dangerous reactors of bleach cleaners are acetone, alcohol, vinegar, ammonia, and other different cleaner chemicals. Household cleaner products such as window cleaners, dishwasher detergents, and drain cleaners can also react negatively with bleach cleaner. 
  • Bleach can corrode metal and surfaces made of metal. Next time you disinfect the metal surface, wipe it down with water or alcohol once the bleach dries out. 
  • Some people can get sick just by the fumes of the bleach. Apart from the fumes, it is also very dangerous for the skin. It causes irritation and can lead to skin cancer. 
  • Don’t let it inside your body by any means. It will lead to immediate death. There is a common belief that drinking bleach can lead to negative blood or urine test for drug use. It might be true, but you won’t survive to do the test. 

Should You Use Bleach Cleaners Or Not

Now it depends on how you use. If you use cautiously, it could be a great disinfectant, but one mistake might cause you to pay a heavy price. 

If there are old members or kids in the house, it’s better not to use them. Stay away from it. But if there are only adults in the house. Use it, but with safety. 

What You Need To Know About Bleach Cleaners
What You Need To Know About Bleach Cleaners

Also, note that using bleach has lots of risks involved. Bleach cleaners are harmful to health, can hurt your pets, and puts the environment at risk. 


Like any other chemical bleach cleaner also has its advantages and disadvantages. Where and how you use solely depends on you. If you can take a preventive measure while using the chemical you can use it but if you’re careless like most people it’s better not using it. 

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