What You Should Have On Hand Before You Clean Your Carpets

carpet cleaning tools

A carpet cleaning equipment kit is basically a complete set of the most essential cleaning tools you should successfully clean carpets with. Carpet cleaning equipment can consist of but aren’t limited to: vacuum cleaners, carpet brushes, rags, carpet bags, carpet blowers, steam cleaners, mops, and dryers. Each piece can be purchased separately or as part of a complete kit. You can buy kits for residential or commercial use. Kits for residential use usually contain less equipment than those for commercial use, but the amount of equipment in each kit is up to you.

Vacuum Cleaner And Brush

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In addition to the individual pieces, there are some “must haves” for carpet cleaning tools that every machine should have. For example, there is no way you can do your delicate floor-to-ceiling cleaning jobs with a standard vacuum cleaner. You need a brush to reach all the areas of the room to remove soil and dust. Likewise, your vacuum cleaner isn’t going to work well if you don’t have a bag in which to place all the dirty soil and debris. In both cases, you’ll need a carpet cleaning tool.

Even if you are a professional cleaner who cleans every carpet in a hotel, you still need a few brushes. You should have at least two brushes available for your use. One brush should be used for light dirt and debris and one for heavier dirt and debris. It’s a good idea to carry several brushes with you if you do a lot of carpet cleaning jobs. These carpet cleaning tools should come with a cord so you can hang them on a hook near your work station.

Vacuum With Multiple Attachments

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There are a variety of vacuum cleaners you can purchase. Whether you’re working for a carpet cleaning business or doing home carpet cleaning services, you can find quality vacuums that will make the job go by faster and easier. If you are going to clean an entire room, you may want to consider purchasing a vacuum that has multiple attachments. For instance, you might want to buy one with a rotating brush head and a carpet cleaner brush head. Some vacuum cleaners even have a wand attachment for extra cleaning power.

New Squeegee

Along with the vacuum cleaners above, you also need carpet cleaning tools to get the job done effectively. A good, new squeegee is essential if you are going to clean hard floors. Hard floors can take some time to dry, so it’s important that you have some way of keeping your cleaners wet. A good quality rubber compound is necessary as well. These things can help protect the floor and reduce slipping. Having a quality carpet cleaning system is a great way to ensure your clients get their carpets cleaned correctly.

There are many different types of stains that can be difficult to remove. However, you should have some method in place for getting these spots out. Some people use hot water, while others use carpet cleaning tools to remove stains from deep within the carpet. The most common type of stain removal tool is the spotter. Spots are generally caused when the floor is dusty or the carpet is dirty.


Once you have the proper cleaners on hand, you should always use them. Always read the instructions and follow them closely. Do not let dirt and other materials build up in your machines. Many people use their machines for months without changing them. This is not only unnecessary but could potentially damage the machines and cause them to break down. By using the carpet cleaning products as instructed, you will ensure the health and longevity of your carpets and furniture.

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